Koeleth Chapter 2

Hey Everyone, it’s Sorin again. Alright, so this isn’t Monday, and for that I am most apologetic, however, I really think you will appreciate today’s addition to Koeleth, which explains more about how Tom and Cleo met. As this is our first project of this scale, I hope you will bear with us through these little trials when expectations do not mix with reality. Hopefully next week, the post will happen in a timely fashion now that we are moving the posting day to Wednesday, because we seem to like that day. Matthew did a really good job with this chapter, and I think it is one of the highlights of Koeleth as a whole. Next week, I will post the second chapter of the Colony, which will contain some of the origin of the colony and introduce a new character. Meanwhile, Jack is almost finished with his first short story, and I have begun a “short” story of my own. Matthew is hoping to start work on one of his other projects shortly as well, though we are trying to pace ourselves during this early portion, so I have no news as to when it shall begin serialization. Thank you so much for your support!

Sorin Herling

Koeleth 2

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