Hello Everyone!!

First, let me just say how excited I am to be putting up the first post. I am Sorin Herling, and this website is Verbal Realms, as you have probably deduced from the URL. We here at Verbal Realms chose the name very carefully, but just in case you haven’t worked out why we called ourselves that, I will explain a little better and with some background. A few years back, I was walking home from school, when I saw a house. This house looked super cool, like a Victorian era mansion, and I, being a big fan of vampires, really thought it would be cool if the house harbored a secret nest of vampires. This is how I created the story called The Colony. Flash forward about two years, and my buddy, Matthew, tells me about a fun little project he had been working on during class. His project turns into a full blown story in less than a few months and he starts writing it down. Remembering my quickly jotted down story, I decide that he and I should work together to get these things published. About one year back, I come up with the realization that instead of writing the whole story down and publishing it at once, we could just write out small portions and serialize it on a website. We were joined on our crazy scheme by our buddy Jack, who will be providing short stories along the way. That is the story of how Verbal Realms came to exist. Please bear with us the first couple of months as we try to sort it out. Please note that we do own all of the intellectual property on this website, hopefully that won’t become an issue! The Colony is my current offering, and there is a forward attached, but my buddy is writing a new story for the website called Koeleth; more on that next Monday when we start our normal schedule. We chose the name Verbal Realms because most of our stories, and these are no exception, take place in a fictional universe that we hope to paint into existence through our words. Hopefully you enjoy our first stuff!Koeleth Chapter 1 The Colony Chapter 1 The Colony Preface