Pantheon #15 + Update

Sorry about an update-less week last week. It almost happened again this week. However, I refuse to let that happen. Now, as to why you didn’t get any updates, well, I wasn’t happy with Chapter 10 the way it was. I know, I know, I’ve been working on it forever, but I need this to be right. I’m doing something new for me, and I want to do it right. And it’s not right, not yet. So there you have it. Except that doesn’t explain where the Pantheon was. Well, I forgot. Sorry.

Showcase #15


Pridi is the incarnation of the Progenitor’s majesty and dignity. Admittedly self absorbed, Pridi has an ineffable bastion of self-esteem and grandeur. Though grating on the nerves, Pridi is shockingly adept at encouraging and uplifting the spirits of those around him. He thrives on spurring self-confidence in others. Of course, no one’s as self-confident as Pridi.


Domain: Pride, Confidence, Arrogance

Associated Pantheon: Koeleth Sentimentals

Religious Order: The Effervescent Order of Beautiful and Brilliant Sages

Native Magical Element: Light

Symbolic Weapon: Double Bladed Sword

Symbolic Gem: Diamond

Symbolic Bird: Peacock

Insignia: Perfect Mirror


Body Type: Straight, Small Frame

Eyes: Grey

Hair Style: Curtained, Short

Hair Color: Black

Skin Tone: White, Flesh

Attire: Gaudy Regalia

Weapon: Double Bladed Sword

Markings: Flattering Facial Makeup

Notable Features: Does an inflated ego count?


Titles: Lord of High Esteem, Glamorous Showman, Noble’s Shadow

Siblings: None

Significant Subordinates: Sycophantus

Relationships: Who could be good enough for Pridi? It would be a great honor to invoke the interest of the one and only Pridi.

Antithesis: Embarassia

Notable Events:

A Haughty Spirit Before A Fall: Aside from the occasional downfall of a self-absorbed noble, Pridi, surprisingly, leaves a small impact on the world.

Pantheon #14

Apparently, apologizing is a bad marketing strategy. Sorry about that. I guess all the marketing classes I took were for naught. So I’m not sorry this is late, I guess…or something. Anyways, I plan on releasing chapter 10 next week on Wednesday. If I work diligently and maintain a decent pace, I bet I’ll even be able to be only slightly late by a day. Yay for being lost in the vacuous void that is adulthood!

Showcase #14


Empathae is the incarnation of the Progenitor’s resonance with the human soul. One of the first guardians to be created, Empathae is also one of the few who is near universally beloved. Aside from a few exceptions, most guardians appreciate her ability to relate to them. Whether she’s acting as a mediator or a shoulder to cry on, Empathae has a knack for solving problems and resolving personal issues. She is the glue that keeps the Koleth pantheon together and the negotiator that keeps the gods from tearing each other to shreds. Often described as the spirit of humanity, she embodies all the best qualities of humanity and suffers from all the worst.


Domain: Empathy, Understanding, Sympathy

Associated Pantheon: Koeleth Sentimentals

Religious Order: Temple of the Resonant Spirit

Native Magical Element: Light

Symbolic Weapon: Heater

Symbolic Gem: Opal

Symbolic Bird: Mockingbird

Insignia: Open Heart


Body Type: Straight, Small Frame

Eyes: Rainbow

Hair Style: Loose Ponytail, Long

Hair Color: Brunette

Skin Tone: White, Freckled

Attire: Button-Up Shirt with Rolled Up Sleeves, Denim Jeans with Rolled Up Legs

Weapon: Heater

Markings: None

Notable Features: Appears to be A Teenager


Titles: Lady of Many Hearts, Allheart, Spirit of Society

Siblings: None

Significant Subordinates: None

Relationships: Well, before the catastrophe, she got on great with Magikron in Gracil.

Antithesis: Apathos and/or Desiren

Notable Events:

Envoy of Chaos: The Envoy is a powerful weapon, and the rules surrounding it were created for a reason. One of its bearers was a follower of Empathae, and she managed to destroy a city, ravage a countryside, and upset the balance of power, all the while trying to fix the problems she was causing.

Pantheon #13

You thought you wouldn’t get another post this week, didn’t you? Well, my cunning plan to make you all think that I’m lazy while I actually cleverly posted an update slightly earlier than usual but still technically late worked! Muahahahahaaaa! Anyways, I am currently working on the next chapter of the Chronicles of Koeleth. I’ve made some changes and am delving into new territory so it has taken a bit longer than I had hoped, but I think I’ve got a good thing going in this next chapter. My hope is that chapter 12 will see me caught up to where I was before the rewrite. I certainly have the time to, now that work has settled down.

Showcase #13


Detremanat is the incarnation of the Progenitor’s drive to achieve greater things. She is wholeheartedly dedicated to her duties as a Koeleth guardian. No matter how imposing the challenge, Detremanat will conquer it. As fearless as Valro, as passionate as Angern, and more intelligent than either of them. Like a ravenous wolf, she relentlessly pursues her prey.


Domain: Determination, Ambition, Obsession

Associated Pantheon: Koeleth Sentimentals

Religious Order: Order of the Dauntless

Native Magical Element: Earth

Symbolic Weapon: Broadsword

Symbolic Gem: Black Onyx

Symbolic Bird: Marsh Harrier

Insignia: Wolf’s Head


Body Type: Straight, Medium Frame

Eyes: Bronze

Hair Style: Ponytail, Short

Hair Color: Brown

Skin Tone: White, Peach

Attire: Leather Vest, Long-Sleeved  Blouse, Brown Pants, Leather Boots

Weapon: Broadsword

Markings: Wolf Shoulder Tattoo

Notable Features: None


Titles: Lady of the Relentless Chase, Grand Huntress, Spearhead of the Pantheon

Siblings: None

Significant Subordinates: Rebelos (Rebellion)

Relationships: Angern (It’s complicated)

Antithesis: Apathos

Notable Events:

Order in the Court: Detremenat’s religious order is a subset of the Valiant Blades. Once they were separate entities, but the organizations’ goals were so closely aligned that the larger organization simply absorbed the smaller. Detremenat had no qualms about it and Valro welcomed the new warriors.

Pantheon #12

Still dealing with a busy work schedule. Sorry about that. One of my colleagues took a lot of time off, and I’ve been covering some of those shifts. At any rate, I haven’t had much time to write, so I’m taking advantage of this opportunity to post another showcase. Enjoy.

Showcase #12


Empiten is the incarnation of the Progenitor’s hollow purpose. Once a figment of the imagination, he became all too real when humanity rejected the guidance of the Progenitor. Born of a broken heart, Empiten roams the dark and desolate places of the world, haunting dead lands and brushing elbows with the forsaken of society. Though close in temperament to Sorowa in his early years, the growing desperation of humanity jaded him as the centuries marched on. Dismal though he may be, Empiten serves as the only protector of those who escape even Compassia’s gaze.


Domain: Emptiness, Purposelessness, Hollowness

Associated Pantheon: Koeleth Sentimentals

Religious Order: Order of the Hollow

Native Magical Element: Wind

Symbolic Weapon: Mace

Symbolic Gem: Alexandrite

Symbolic Bird: Boreal Owl

Insignia: Hollow Circle


Body Type: Straight, Small Frame

Eyes: Gray-Black

Hair Style: Messy, Shoulder Length

Hair Color: Greasy Black

Facial Hair: Greasy Stubble

Skin Tone: White, Pallid

Attire: Bedraggled Shirt and Pants

Weapon: Mace

Markings: None

Notable Features: Heavy Bags Under Eyes


Titles: Lord of Hollows, Ghost in the Void, Phantom of the Ruins

Siblings: Apathos

Significant Subordinates: None

Relationships: He has a distant memory of a guardian with a sunny disposition with whom he was quite enamored.

Antithesis: None in particular

Notable Events:

The Advent of the Abomination: Since the earliest days of Koeleth, abominations have been associated with Empiten. Above all others, they are the homeless, the forsaken, the unwanted. In many ways they are Empiten’s true followers, even if they do not actively worship him. For all his negligence and indifference towards humanity as a whole, he ensures that abominations are taken care of. Nothing is off limits, whether it be transforming an Inquisitor stronghold in an abomination oasis or convincing a fellow guardian to send a empathetic adventurer to help a nomadic group of abominations.

Pantheon #11 and A Necessary Update

Sorry about the late post here, my dudes. Last week was quite the week. Between work and other concerns I’ve had little to no time to write. I do apologize for that. This week looks like it will be equally packed, sorry. Anyhow, you may or may not have noticed that I’ve opened up the comments on my stuff. Feel free to say whatever you like down there; compliment me, critique me, mock me mercilessly, destroy my faith in humanity, whatever.

Showcase #11


Apathos is the incarnation of the Progenitor’s stoic grandeur. Though he always played a role in the machinations of the Progenitor, Apathos never truly influenced the world until the Progenitor left it. Humanity, abandoned and jaded, gave him a pedestal on which he could stand. Neither good nor bad, Apathos simply is. He rules the broken man in his darkest but aids the strong man when the troubles of the world would drag him down. Like an academic studying a tome, Apathos studies humans, impartial and calculating. He is the anchor that grounds the rest of the sentimentals, whether he likes it or not.


Domain: Apathy, Indifference, Lethargy

Associated Pantheon: Koeleth Sentimentals

Religious Order: The Listless Temple

Native Magical Element: Water

Symbolic Weapon: Spear

Symbolic Gem: Black Pearl

Symbolic Bird: Raven

Insignia: Empty Chalice


Body Type: Straight, Medium Frame

Eyes: Silver-Grey

Hair Style: Unkempt, Short

Hair Color: Ash

Facial Hair: Ashy Stubble

Skin Tone: White, Pale

Attire: Grey Sackcloth Robes

Weapon: Spear

Markings: None

Notable Features: Scar Near Left Eye


Titles: Lord of the Stoic, Nihilistic Spirit, Unseen Mover

Siblings: Empiten

Significant Subordinates: Ummm….he forgot

Relationships: Sorowa won’t take a hint. He’s not interested. Disciplina, on the other hand, has an exemplary posterior that requires further observation.

Antithesis: Disciplina

Notable Events:

The Advent of Desire: No, not the guardian from the previous showcase. Instead, Desiren has no effect on Apathos, but Disciplina does. When she joined the Sentimentals, Apathos felt something he had never felt before: lust (and maybe a little bit of love.) Very meh by human standards, but a big deal for someone who isn’t supposed to feel.

Envoy Elect: In the early days of the existence of the magical weapon Envoy, it was passed along freely to anyone who would wield it. Its immense power proved to be too much for some, however, and the guardians held a council in which it was determined that only followers of Disciplina, who could control themselves, and followers of Apathos, who desired nothing, should be allowed wield a power that would corrupt all others.

Chapter 9: Casper the Not-So-Friendly Ghost

A quick shout out to Life of Chaz. Dude’s probably become my most regular viewer aside from the friends who I force to view my content; in other words, he’s my most willing reader. Many thanks, my man. Much gratitude. Also, chapter 10 is is following on the tails of this one; I had a burst of creative momentum lately.

Chronicles of Koeleth: The River’s Tale
Chapter IX
Voice of the Damned

“Now, hold on a minute,” the barkeep interrupted. “You said you were going to tell us about Tom’s unexpected and interesting comrade. We haven’t met anyone that fits the bill.”

“Sure you have!” the old man assured his audience. “I’ve told you about Aaron, Collin, Cleo—she fits the bill of ‘unexpected,’ let me tell you!”

“I heard that, you squawking parrot!” the female voice retorted aggressively from the upper rooms.

“If only your sense of humor was as sharp as your hearing!” the old man shot back before returning to the topic at hand. “Anyways, you’ve met all sorts of interesting people that most folks don’t see everyday. Your grandmother and I are quite the exceptions. That, my young friend, is quite off topic, however. I haven’t gotten to Tom’s most unusual—and most important—companion. But we have some time before we get to that. You must know about the adventure that led up to that meeting.”

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Pantheon #10

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, folks! I know this is a bit late, but hey, Christmas will do that to you.

Showcase #10


Desiren is the incarnation of the Progenitor’s selfish pleasures. Though not intrinsically  wicked, without the guiding hand of her forebear, Desiren developed a mischievous streak. Unfortunately for mortals, divine mischief a tad bit more devastating than its earthly counterpart. Desiren promises to fulfill every carnal desire–for a price, of course. Where there is mayhem or chaos, there shall you find her influence.


Domain: Desire, Carnal Pleasure, Indulgence

Associated Pantheon: Koeleth Sentimentals

Religious Order: Temple of Hedonism, Cult of the Dark Queen Incarnate (heretical cult), Various other minor cults (she’s very good at her job)

Native Magical Element: Heat

Symbolic Weapon: Whip, Whip Sword (Snake Sword)

Symbolic Gem: Ruby

Symbolic Bird: Bird of Paradise

Insignia: Female Figure


Body Shape: Hourglass, Small Frame

Eyes: Brown

Hair Style: Ponytail, Long

Hair Color: Brown

Skin Tone: White, Tan

Attire: Skimpy Undergarments

Weapon: Whip

Markings: Nothing Permanent

Notable Features: Insane Libido Levels


Titles: Lady of Sin, Wicked Seductress, Corrupter of the Innocent

Siblings: None

Significant Subordinates: The Six Other Deadly Sins (What? You should know by now that I am not terribly original)

Relationships: One night stands count, right? Because she’s had thousands of those.

Antithesis: Compassia

Notable Events:

Desiren’s Bondage: Innuendo aside, it was a reluctant Desiren that chained herself to the Ekoalem Pantheon. As much as she loves to cause trouble, there were too many enemies to keep track of, and she needed a safe harbor. Valro was just dumb and kind enough to invite her in.

Sinful Weapons: One of her greatest acts of mischief was binding a part of her soul to a blade. The magic sword Wicked Desire is one of the few blades that can influence their users. Desiren’s blade twists and warps the desires of its user, taking pleasure in breaking the purest of hearts.


Yes, that is correct. Matthew Matherne, my WordPress persona, turns two today. Baby Matt is all growed up. So proud, so proud (wipes fake tear from eye). Anywhozit, I’m back with another Pantheon profile. Sorry about the lateness, but you know how it be around this time of the year.

Showcase #9


Compassia is the incarnation of the Progenitor’s mercy and kindness. Even when his faith in humanity waned, the Progenitor still felt love for his creation and, in the wake of his departure, left behind one who would continue to love them. Compassia is a healing touch and warm fire. She is the mother of the orphan and the friend of the widow. It not selfish ambition nor foolhardy abandon that brings mortals into her service, but a selfless heart and a desire to help.


Domain: Compassion, Fraternal Love, Generosity

Associated Pantheon: Koeleth Sentimentals

Religious Order: Compassia’s Hand

Native Magical Element: Fire

Symbolic Weapon: Shepherd’s Staff

Symbolic Gem: Jasper

Symbolic Bird: Snow Goose

Insignia: Heart Held in Hand


Body Shape: Hourglass, Medium Frame

Eyes: Brown

Hair Style: Wavy, Long

Hair Color: Sunset Orange

Skin Tone: White, Peach

Attire: Simple Dress

Weapon: Clerical Staff

Markings: None

Notable Features: None


Titles: Lady of Blessing, Poor Man’s Treasure, Orphan’s Mother

Siblings: None

Significant Subordinates: Mercio, Fargiv

Relationships: Well, there was this one fellow one time…but that’s in the past. She must give all her heart to the cause of helping the world.

Antithesis: Desiren

Notable Events:

Olive Branch: After the Fall of Orgalav, Trialias had quite the struggle ahead of them. The need to rebuild was urgent, especially with the looming threat of attack from the Nagybi. Under the Orgalav system, Nagybi leaders flourished and the actions of their fellow Trialians fed their fury. Compassia went to the Five Aspects, Ariluo’s Pantheon, and proposed that they aid each other in the mutual restorations of their countries. Along with human efforts, they forged a lasting bond between the two nations, a united front against the Nagyb.

My Writing Playlist…And Update

So, I’ve seen a few of these kinds of posts on other people’s blogs, and I thought it was a nifty idea, so here it is!

…I don’t have one. There’s this silly thing that happens if I get too into a song while writing: I start typing out the lyrics of the song instead of the story. This can happen whether I’m consciously aware of it or not. So sometimes I’ve gone through completed drafts of my chapters and found a paragraph about some interesting lore and Bam! “Something Just Like This” by Coldplay and the Chainsmokers interrupts the story. Or maybe there’s a big battle and Tim McGraw’s “Don’t Take the Girl” is mucking up the works. So, I don’t really have a writing playlist. When I do listen to music, I make sure to be extra cautious in my writing, but usually I listen to livestreams from YouTubers or just let the TV play in the background.  There you have it.

In any case, I figured I’d give you an update on the progress of my work. The Ender of Worlds is coming back; I ran into a bit of a road bump with that one when I added I character that I didn’t know how to deal with. But I got it all figured out now! Huzzah! I am working on chapter 9 of CoK: The River’s Tale, as well, and I think it will be a bit different than chapter 10 of the story’s previous incarnation, but in a good way. I’m going to try to resume working on the Warden of the West legend again, but that one I’ll only get to if I can keep up with my other work. I also plan on doing biweekly updates of A Blacksmith’s Adventures with Weapons of Legend. In addition to any chapters I release, I will also release a character profile for a relevant character from that story. Thanks, and enjoy the holidays.

Pantheon #8 (STRESS!)

Hey, all. Sorry this is coming to you so late. There has been some family drama on top of the usual busyness of the season, so I’ve been unable to focus on my writing. My apologies. I’ll try to keep up with the schedule as best I can, but I can make no guarantees at the moment. I should be able to make next Tuesday, but the 26th is a bit up in the air. Anyways, enjoy.

Showcase #7


Hopell is the incarnation of the Progenitor’s promise of a better future. She was born in a time when the Progenitor still believed in the goodness of his firstborn, humanity. In the bleakest of night and the harshest of storms, Hopell shines like a beacon for those who dare to look beyond the cruel shadows and the crashing waves. In her heart lies the capacity for greater good and in her mind lies the confidence to strive for it. When joy fades and compassion retreats, still she keeps her vigil.


Domain: Hope, Optimism, Aspiration

Associated Pantheon: Koeleth Sentimentals

Religious Order: Mission of Hope

Native Magical Element: Growth

Symbolic Weapon: Tower Shield

Symbolic Gem: Alexandrite

Symbolic Bird: Song Thrush

Insignia: Bird Singing at Dawn


Body Shape: Straight, Small Frame

Eyes: Crystalline

Hair Style: Straight, Long

Hair Color: Jet Black

Skin Tone: White, Peach

Attire: Milky White Gown

Weapon: Tower Shield

Markings: None

Notable Features: Tallest of the Koeleth Sentimentals


Titles: Lady of Promise, Guiding Light, Friend of the Forsaken

Siblings: Joye

Significant Subordinates: None

Relationships: She hopes to find love some day, but with whom she does not know.

Antithesis: Despar

Notable Events:

Valor’s Friend: Amongst Valro’s first allies was Hopell. In the burgeoning young nation of Ekoalem she saw great hope and the will to withstand any trial. Where Valro was the force driving the Ekoalem forward, Hopell was the force shielding the Ekoalem from the chains of despair.

A Mission of Hope: Since the dawn of tragedy, there have been those who have wanted to carry the afflicted through it. With the introduction of Hopell into the equation, the Ekoalem united under one banner to bring aid to their suffering nations. The Mission of Hope serves as a show of goodwill by Koeleth towards it neighbors, even to those who they normally butt heads with.