The Return of the King: I’m Back, Baby!

So, brief update: I was hired full time as a custodian for a school way back in December of 2018. At the time, I was still working nearly 30 hours a week for the church that also employs me as a custodian. Which means, for those of you who can’t do basic math, I was working around 70 hours a week. I hadn’t intended to abandon my writing for so long, but I just couldn’t keep up with a 70 hour work week, a 10 hour social week, a 40 hour sleep week and the remaining 48 hours committed to other obligations. I love my writing, but until it starts netting me some fat loot, it has to be put on the sideline; I need to live before I need to write. My situation has changed however. I have drastically reduced my work hours and am substantially more financially stable. So, long story short, I’m back to writing. This break has given me time to reassess my story, however, and I will be starting over once more. I want to produce solid writing, so please be patient with me. At any rate, I hope to have a nice little present for you in the coming days; nothing fancy, just a nod to some things that I like and have inspired me. Look forward to that and a bigger and better Koeleth.

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