On My Last Post and Having Taken So Long to Return

Immediately after my last post, within the week, I took on additional responsibilities that took me away from what I thought was going to be an excellent opportunity to catch up on my writing. I am still beholden to those responsibilities, even as we enter a new time of disease and uncertainty. While many work from home or are unemployed, I still have my job and other responsibilities. Please understand, I am not complaining. I am just doing my best to clarify what my situation is. However, despite my busy schedule, I am trying to make time to write. It’s been over a year since I’ve done any substantial writing for this site, and that needs to change. I am still invested in Tom, Aaron, Catalina, Kristin and their stories, and I hope to make today the turning point for my writing. As a small offering of gratitude, I give you this.

Tom: A Glimpse Behind The Shield


Everyone always remembers Tom for his valor, his strength, his skill and his determination, but rarely do they remember his truest aspect: his love. Kind to a fault and friend of all, he had moments that would make the hardest man break.

When Thalia was wandering the wilderness, alone and freezing, Tom found her and carried her to safety. While she lay in bed, unconscious and injured, he sat in her room, keeping vigil for the medics. If you asked Tom, he would say it was nothing, the bare minimum of human dignity. If you asked Thalia, she would say it was the most kindness and compassion that she had been shown in her whole life.

When Catalina was stricken by the loss of her father, Tom held her close and refused to let her go until she could stand on her own two feet. He didn’t say a word; he just let his warmth and love fill her.

When Ghost was bloodied and dying, Tom personally attended to his wounds and nursed him back to health. Ghost was a feral dog, and barely alive, but Tom refused to let him perish without a good fight. Tom made a lifelong friend that day, and, in the final days, Tom held Ghost and wept the tears of a man who lost his dearest friend.

When Anna lost all hope and gave in to despair, Tom was there to be her light in the darkness. He looked her in the eye and, with love and sincerity, promised her that everything was alright. Anna believed him when he said she was stronger than her demons.

When Specs was breathing his last breaths, it was Tom, of all people, who held him in his lap and stroked his fur. During Specs’ life, you could have sworn Tom hated that cat, and he said as much. Specs reciprocated the feelings. However, when Specs was on death’s door, it was Tom who insisted on ferrying him to the next world, and that meant more to Specs than the world. He lived as Tom’s perpetual foe, but died as an unequivocal friend.

Tom’s kindness, warmth and love don’t stop there, but the magnitude of his impact can be seen even from these few examples.

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