Game Inspirations, Part Dos

You thought the game inspired elements of my story ended with characters? Bahahaha, that’s funny. Nay, I say! Today I’ll be focusing on weapons. Eventually these will all be codified documents.

Tales of Distant Lands: A Gamer’s Inspiration

Succubus’ Thirst

Design: Sabre

Owner: As yet unnamed female vampire

Nature: Blessed

Power: Sangromancy, Life Drain

Inspiration: Blood Sword from Final Fantasy series and other such weapons

Vengeful Flame

Design: Single Edged Great Sword

Owner: Anna Blade

Nature: Apostate

Power: Enhanced Strength, Enhanced Agility, Minor Magic Edge–Dark/Fire

Inspiriation: Morte’s “Greatsword” from Sands of Destruction, Generic anime/JRPG stylings

Dark Prophet

Design: Hand-and-a-half

Owner: Cecil Blackoath

Nature: Blessed

Power: Dark Magic

Inspiration: Dark Sword/Dark Knight’s Sword from Final Fantasy series

Celestial Sword

Design: Longsword

Owner: Various, Tom currently

Nature: Non-Magical

Notable Trait: Forged from Meteorite Fragments

Inspiration: Starfang from Dragon Age Origins

Wicked Desire

Design: Single Edged Greatsword

Owner: Various, Tom most recently

Nature: God Shard

Power: Enhanced Physical Abilities, Distorted Desires, Reduced Inhibition

Inspiration: Muramasa from legend and various games


Design: Varies, Scythe currently

Owner: Wanderer

Nature: Blessed

Power: Varies, Wind Magic currently

Inspiration: Excalibur, Soul Calibur from Soul Calibur series, holy swords in general


Design: Tungsten Steel Longsword

Owner: Varies, Tom currently

Nature: Non-Magical

Inspiration: Various stone swords throughout the annals of video game history

Nera’s Greatsword

Design: Silvery Greatsword

Owner: Neria Woodblade

Nature: Non-Magical

Inspiration: Spellweaver from Dragon Age Origins

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