Post-Trip Update

Good day, my lovely readers. I have just returned from the trip I spoke of in a previous update. I drove out to Yellowstone National Park with Sorin and another friend of ours. 5 days of travel, 4 days in the park itself. It was amazing. The serene grandeur of nature, put on full display, complete with vibrant environmental wonders and majestic fauna. As you may or may not be aware, I am from the United States Midwest (which I revealed in a character profile of myself many moons ago). In case you haven’t been, the Midwest is fairly monotonous, scenery wise. I love my hometown and my home state, but compared to the fierce vitality of Yellowstone, it’s rather mundane. So, this trip has inspired me. I’m ready to write. Look forward to some good new stuff in the near future.

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