Koeleth 9, The Future of Eirmoda, and Compensation

Hey, good peoples of the world. Matthew Matherne here with the long expected ninth chapter of the Chronicles of Koeleth. Due to reasons which are probably good ones, it took longer than planned to get this to you, my dear readers. To compensate for your arduous wait, I have a gift for you that I will post up here either later tonight or tomorrow morning, depending on when I finish it. Now, it is an honor to present you with the next episode in this humble adventure.


Chronicles of Koeleth

Chapter IX

Travelling Companions


Tom didn’t sleep well that night. He was plagued with nightmares and visions of a dark nature. After a particularly horrid dream, the young man awoke, unable to endure the torment any longer. Dreams and nightmares are not exclusive to magic users, but magic users can sometimes feel them more tangibly. Sometimes it is simply intense experiences, and sometimes it is a prophetic dream. Tom hoped that this situation was the former, and not the latter, because it bred in him an ill sense of foreboding. He never worried about his own death, but something in Tom told him that his companions were in danger.

The warrior had little time to ponder this, however, as he became acutely aware that an unknown entity was watching him from the shadows of his moonlit room. Carefully scanning the eerie darkness around him, his vision finally set on a pair of predatory eyes glimmering in the doorway. He was briefly unnerved by this visitor’s intrusion, until he remembered the youngest of his guests.

“Rydia, is that you?”

A timid whimper affirmed his suspicion.

“What’s wrong? Can’t sleep?”

Another whimper.

“Me neither. You can join me if you like. I might be awake for awhile.”

Cautiously, the pup approached the bed, her distinct golden fur illuminated by the light of the stars.

“Look at you! I’ll bet one day you’ll be a real beauty! A natural heartbreaker, what with your lovely hair and vivid blue eyes! You’ll have to beat the boys off with a stick. And a few girls, I imagine. Or you could hit them with a war hammer, too. Whatever suits your fancy, I suppose.”

Though she didn’t quite understand everything that Tom said, Rydia felt the kindness in it, and she jumped up next to him. Curling up into a ball and lying next to the kind man, Rydia felt very much at ease. Tom began to stroke her fur in a further attempt reassure her—and himself—that everything would be alright. Soon, Tom began talking again, telling the young girl about why he agreed to help.

“You know, you’re part of the reason I joined this adventure. You remind me of another little girl I made a promise to. In fact, you two could be twins. She’s a couple years younger, but other than that, she’s the spitting image of you. Same blonde hair, same blue eyes. Same timid disposition, even. Why, if I didn’t know better, I would say you were sisters.”

The wolf pup perked up her ears at this news. Another little girl that looked just like her? How much fun would that be?

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Greetings/Koeleth 8

Hello, all! This is Matthew Matherne speaking! For the first time. With his own voice… er, keyboard. I’m so glad to meet you all, and I am especially pleased that I can finally post my content with my own two hands. Hopefully, you’ve enjoyed my story so far, and, if you haven’t I hope you will enjoy it in the future! A little bit about the story: by now, you’ve had the chance to meet Tom and Aaron. Fun fact: those two are loosely based of myself and Sorin. In the nearish future, you’ll be meeting a few other fun characters who will play significant roles in this story. Hopefully, you’ll grow to love them as much as I do. Either way, thank you all for your interest. I hope to talk to you again soon.


Chronicles of Koeleth
Chapter VIII
Plotting and Planning

“So, how did you two meet?” Grace asked the two friends.
“That question is so stacked,” Amelia grimaced at the women sitting across from her in the cart.
“We grew up in the same village.  What more do you want?” Tom retorted from his position next to Collin at the front.
“Everything,” Grace said in a mischievous tone.
“Fine.  When I was four, I was running around my father’s blacksmith shop, causing havoc.  Being a workplace obstruction, he sent me away, none too happy about my intrusion.  So, I decided I would bother the neighborhood fletcher.  Apparently, I wasn’t the only one thinking that way, as a four year old girl was also giving him trouble.  Well, he wasn’t at all pleased, and he kicked us out of his shop.  So, the both of us decided to go bother someone else.  That was the start of our friendship.  We have remained good friends since.”

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Koeleth Ch. 7

Hey all! As we transition back from the holidays, we have another chapter of Koeleth from Matt with Chapter 8 in editing now. Hope you enjoy and share with your friends!

Chronicles of Koeleth

Chapter VII

An Old Friend

“Ah, here’s where things started to get interesting,” the old man said.

“Oh? How so?” the young bartender asked.

“Well, Tom and Collin meet some interesting people right about now.”

The old man’s answer was cryptic and not really an answer at all, according to the bartender.

Tom was leaning against the heavy wooden door at the entrance to the White Tower. After a peaceful night and an uneventful morning, he and Collin had finally reached the monument to a bygone era. Collin was immediately absorbed in his studies, leaving Tom to keep his vigil. For the past three hours, it had carried on in that fashion and the day showed no signs of changing. Tom had searched every inch of the tower for any signs of bandits or ruffians, and he found nothing. Feeling that they were safe, he had allowed himself to relax some. He hadn’t totally forgotten his duties, however, and decided that the entrance to the structure would be a wise place to perch himself. That was how he arrived at his current position. With the exception of an occasional excited outburst from Collin, the tower was quiet and peaceful. Tom was daydreaming when the wooden door burst open. Despite his shock, Tom quickly went into action, rushing out the door and swinging the butt end of his halberd out at his perceived assailant. Much to his surprise, a small buckler calmly pushed the blow away.

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Koeleth Chapter 5

Here it is, ladies and gents! Matt has been pounding these out over the last few weeks, and it is my pleasure to share chapters 5 and 6 with you today. Enjoy!

Chronicles of Koeleth

Chapter V

A Stroll through Town

Tom awoke late the next morning. When he first opened his eyes, he was shocked by his surroundings and initially thought he had awoken in someone else’s home. He soon regained his bearings, however, and, realizing how late it was, began to prepare himself for the day ahead of him. There was still paperwork to sort out, being a new citizen of Ramsthrone, and his house was ill-furnished, having only the barest necessities. He groomed himself in much the same manner he had the day prior. He robed himself once more in his finer clothes, leaving his familiar, ragged travel attire hanging in the closet. Even his weapon he left leaning against the wall in his overlarge closet. Despite the silence of the house, none of the noise he carelessly made disturbed his housemate, Aaron, who was sleeping heavily in one of the guests rooms. Tom moved himself to the kitchen and prepared a large meal, knowing that it might be some time before he would get another chance to eat. After tending to his meal, he surveyed the mansion, planning what he wanted and where he wanted it. He grimaced when he noticed the small golden ram sitting in his gallery but decided it would only encourage Aaron if he removed it, and he left it alone. Having determined what he wanted done, he left through the large front door of the mansion. Tom’s first stop would be the municipal offices.

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Finally on time for once………..

Hey all, Sorin again. Today we have managed to do a remarkable thing. Today, for the first time, we have managed an on time update. *AMAZING* Anyways, this week, Koeleth has some story progression on the way to Ramsthorne. Some interaction between Aaron and Thomas gives us a peek into their dynamic. Anyways, again, having not written this story, I have very little to say about it this week. Theoretically, Matthew and I will get our acts together to edit Jack’s first story today, and we will have that up for you within the week. I gotta fly!


Koeleth 3

Koeleth Chapter 2

Hey Everyone, it’s Sorin again. Alright, so this isn’t Monday, and for that I am most apologetic, however, I really think you will appreciate today’s addition to Koeleth, which explains more about how Tom and Cleo met. As this is our first project of this scale, I hope you will bear with us through these little trials when expectations do not mix with reality. Hopefully next week, the post will happen in a timely fashion now that we are moving the posting day to Wednesday, because we seem to like that day. Matthew did a really good job with this chapter, and I think it is one of the highlights of Koeleth as a whole. Next week, I will post the second chapter of the Colony, which will contain some of the origin of the colony and introduce a new character. Meanwhile, Jack is almost finished with his first short story, and I have begun a “short” story of my own. Matthew is hoping to start work on one of his other projects shortly as well, though we are trying to pace ourselves during this early portion, so I have no news as to when it shall begin serialization. Thank you so much for your support!

Sorin Herling

Koeleth 2

Hello Everyone!!

First, let me just say how excited I am to be putting up the first post. I am Sorin Herling, and this website is Verbal Realms, as you have probably deduced from the URL. We here at Verbal Realms chose the name very carefully, but just in case you haven’t worked out why we called ourselves that, I will explain a little better and with some background. A few years back, I was walking home from school, when I saw a house. This house looked super cool, like a Victorian era mansion, and I, being a big fan of vampires, really thought it would be cool if the house harbored a secret nest of vampires. This is how I created the story called The Colony. Flash forward about two years, and my buddy, Matthew, tells me about a fun little project he had been working on during class. His project turns into a full blown story in less than a few months and he starts writing it down. Remembering my quickly jotted down story, I decide that he and I should work together to get these things published. About one year back, I come up with the realization that instead of writing the whole story down and publishing it at once, we could just write out small portions and serialize it on a website. We were joined on our crazy scheme by our buddy Jack, who will be providing short stories along the way. That is the story of how Verbal Realms came to exist. Please bear with us the first couple of months as we try to sort it out. Please note that we do own all of the intellectual property on this website, hopefully that won’t become an issue! The Colony is my current offering, and there is a forward attached, but my buddy is writing a new story for the website called Koeleth; more on that next Monday when we start our normal schedule. We chose the name Verbal Realms because most of our stories, and these are no exception, take place in a fictional universe that we hope to paint into existence through our words. Hopefully you enjoy our first stuff!Koeleth Chapter 1 The Colony Chapter 1 The Colony Preface