New update, late once more…….

the Colony 2

Hey guys, Sorin again! So, it isn’t Wednesday, and that is entirely my fault. The good news is that as I next week is Koeleth, things should start to run smoother. This week’s The Colony is more introduction, this time to  girl named Minnie. I tried writing from her perspective, but it was really hard!!! so I was only moderately successful. Anyways, part of the reason it was late is that Word was giving me issues with formatting, I think I fixed it, but please bear with us if there were technical issues. Jack tells me that the timeline is confusing……………..please understand that some information is not going to be given until later for effect! I think there are about three chapters before the direct explanations begin. Having read some of the original proofs of my story, Matthew has assured me that it should be okay to make a small amount of frustration for the next few chapters as I lay the groundwork for the plot of the first big storyline. Anyways, that’s it for today, just posting ASAP for now so not as much commentary this week. I’ll see you all next week when I post some interviews we did with each other for fun!

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