Pantheon #6 (These Will Never Have Clever/Witty/Punny Titles)

Showcase #6


Despar is the incarnation of the Progenitor’s heartbreak. He was born of the tragedy of humanity’s depravity. To see all you love and hold dear fall into chaos and destruction, that is the greatest of devastation. Where hope is gone and a barren field is all that remains, there Despar is king. When anger fades and sorrow recedes, still he lurks. Despar holds the key to the gates of the underworld.


Domain: Despair, Anguish, Desperation

Associated Pantheon: Koeleth Sentimentals

Religious Order: The Cult of the Rot Soul (commoner), The Order of the Dealers of Death (assassin)

Native Magical Element: Decay

Symbolic Weapon: Scythe

Symbolic Gem: Obsidian

Symbolic Bird: Carrion Crow

Insignia: Wilting Tree, Grim Reaper


Body Shape: Straight, Medium Frame

Eyes: Grey

Hair Style: Disheveled, Short

Hair Color: Dust

Facial Hair: None

Skin Tone: White, Pale

Attire: Reaper’s Robe

Weapon: Scythe

Markings: None

Notable Features: None


Titles: Lord of Depravity, Encroaching Death, Reaper of Souls

Siblings: Fearl

Significant Subordinates: Forest Judge

Relationships: Why does Sorowa love Apathos more than him? It’s unfair.

Antithesis: Hopell

Notable Events:

Advent of Despair: Despar first came into being when humanity strayed from the Progenitor. His growing anguish birthed a new aspect to his being, one who became quite powerful as the kingdoms of men warred with one another.

Deathdealers: Around the time of the return of the Koelings to their homeland, a cult of assassins was born around Despar. They were instrumental in protecting and ensuring the future of the Koelings as they fought off the dwindling influence of Orgalav. After the final battles, they found themselves no longer needed, so they turned their order to more material pursuits. Ever since, people of great wealth have hired them to make use of their unique skills.

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