Pantheon #5

Sorry this is late. This one’s entirely my own fault. I forgot what day it was, and I hadn’t established the post ahead of time. Also, I don’t like the whole symbolic plant thing, so I’m going to stop using it. Too much complexity to it in real life, and I’m certainly no expert on symbolism.

Showcase #5


Fearl is the incarnation of the Progenitor’s cautious nature. It is a curious point that even the father of guardians understood fear. Perhaps that is what makes Fearl so unique. He is righteous, holy fear, both foreign and familiar to man. The doubts and worries that crawl out of the shadows of your mind are the domain of Fearl. He is an everpresent nightmare, for himself just as much as for others. Fearl is the first mark of a broken god.


Domain: Fear, Cowardice, Terror

Associated Pantheon: Koeleth Sentimentals

Religious Order: The Temple of the Creeping Shadows (commoner), The Inquisition of Koeleth (warrior)

Native Magical Element: Dark

Symbolic Weapon: Knife

Symbolic Gem: Golden Tiger’s Eye

Symbolic Bird: Killdeer

Insignia: Wraith, Sunburst


Body Shape: Straight, Medium Frame

Eyes: Jaundiced

Hair Style: Disheveled, Short

Hair Color: Sandy Blonde

Facial Hair: Stubble, Sandy Blonde

Skin Tone: White, Pallid

Attire: Ragged Hooded Cloak

Weapon: Dagger

Markings: None

Notable Features: Lanky, Wraith-like


Titles: Lord of Nightmares, Lurking Shadow, Coward’s Spirit

Siblings: Despar

Significant Subordinates: None

Relationships: Why won’t Enthusia just leave him alone? She’s scarier than anything.

Antithesis: Valro

Notable Events:

The Straggler: Fearl’s paranoia and horror had led him to avoid the company of other guardians in the early days. After the formation of Koeleth, it was, ironically, Valro who invited Fearl to join the pantheon of Koeleth. Valro saw it as a kind gesture to a guardian in need. Fearl was too scared to turn him down.

The First Inquisition: Orgalav went through a rapid fall and decay. As a result of Atoriti’s wrath, a curse was laid upon the Orgalav people who became wild and savage abominations who had no control. The Inquisitors rose to defend Koeleth against the dangerous abominations that wandered into their land. Fearl blessed these men for weaponising their dread and harnessing it to destroy the threat before them. As time went on, the threat from Orgalav grew weaker, and the Inquisitors, finding themselves purposeless, started hunting any abominations, whether they could control their powers or not.