Pantheon #4: Better Late Than Never (Or Something)

Yeah. Sorry this is late. Been busy with both my jobs, personal things, and being sick (I think I’m stressing about things more than I need to and it’s affecting my health more than I care for.) At any rate, the next main story chapter is on its way. Putting on the finishing touches, and then I’ve also worked on chapter 2 of Ender of Worlds and I’m getting back into the legends. Sorry about the delays in, well, everything. When I don’t get a paycheck to write, it unfortunately ends up being put off when other things come up. Anyways, enough chitchat. Pantheon.

Showcase #4


Valro is the incarnation of the Progenitor’s adventurous spirit. Everywhere he looks, he sees an epic journey waiting to happen. Staunch defender of the innocent and fearless leader of the vigilant, Valro relentlessly pursues wicked hearts and guides the weak through the fiercest of trials. Though pathetically idiotic when it comes to social situations, he is a battlefield genius who guides mankind through the darkest of storms.


Domain: Valor, Bravery, Courage,

Associated Pantheon: Koeleth Sentimentals

Religious Orders: Order of Valor’s Rest (for the common man), Order of the Valiant Blades (for the warrior)

Native Magical Element: Earth

Symbolic Weapon: Greatsword

Symbolic Gem: Sardonyx

Symbolic Plant: Gladiolus

Symbolic Bird: Eagle

Insignia: Holy Sword, Cruciform Greatsword


Body Shape: V Shape, Large Frame

Eyes: Brown

Hair Style: Business Cut

Hair Color: Brown

Facial Hair: None

Skin Tone: White, Tan

Attire: Greek Tunic, Paludamentum

Weapon: Greatsword

Markings: None

Notable Features: Does a well chiseled chin count?


Titles: Lord of Valiance, Mighty Vanguard, Wolfbane

Siblings: Angern

Significant Subordinates: Fulhart, The Thorn Mountain King (I forgot his name)

Relationships: Hmm? Hmmm! Hmm… What was the cute one’s name again?

Antithesis: Fearl

Notable Events:

The Rise of Koeleth: Valro was the first guardian of the Koelings. When the miniscule Kingdom of Ekoal rose from the dust, he chose their leader to be his paragon. Thus, the legend of Hero King Baldric was born. Certainly he and his line had to contend with other hero kings for control, but with Valro at his back, Baldric birthed a nation.

The Great War of the Triad: Before the advent of the Orgalav Empire, a great war waged between the Nagyb, Koeleth and Ariluo. At that time, Disciplina was not amongst the ranks of the Koeleth Sentimentals, so when it came to matters of war, Valro, Detremenat and Angern took charge. Valro singlehandedly fought off Warrdu, Slaverus, and Faminu, the greatest warriors of the Nagybi guardians. No one questions Valro’s battle skill.

The Rise of the Valiant Blades: During a tumultuous time in history, Valro and Angern chose the same man as their paragon. The man gathered around several others like him, the double blessed, and together they fought to find a place in a world that had grown to hate their power. They earned their place as heroes by risking life and limb for the very people that loathed them, earning them the colloquial name of “Valro’s Blades.” Over time, they became the Order of the Valiant Blades, the hero’s guild.