Pantheon #7 (A Day Late and A Dollar Short)

Is it even worth it to make excuses anymore? (Also I updated Isolati’s relationship status (kind of), so check that out.)

Showcase #7


Joye is the incarnation of the Progenitor’s bliss. Where celebration is to be had, there you will find her. Even in the midst of ceaseless tragedies, Joye finds a reason to make merry. Laughter and song are her gifts to humanity. Despite her hopelessly optimistic view of the world, she genuinely seeks to bring cheer to those around her.


Domain: Joy, Happiness, Revelry

Associated Pantheon: Koeleth Sentimentals

Religious Order: Revelers of Joye

Native Magical Element: Wind

Symbolic Weapon: Hunting Bow

Symbolic Gem: Carnelian

Symbolic Bird: Skylark

Insignia: Strummed Harp


Body Shape: Hourglass, Medium Frame

Eyes: Scarlet

Hairstyle: Waist Length, Straight

Hair Color: Auburn

Skin Tone: White, Rosy

Attire: Lovely Sunset Hued Evening Gown

Weapon: Hunting Bow

Markings: None

Notable Features: None


Titles: Lady of Laughter, Singing Maiden, Fairy Charmer

Siblings: Hopell

Significant Subordinates: Sylph (Formerly), Autumn Leaves (Formerly)

Relationships: Well, before he got all gloomy and listless, she and Empiten had a good thing going.

Antithesis: Sorowa

Notable Events:

The Freeing of the Seasons: When Leviathan departed from Sorowa’s service, Joye decided it would be best to simply free all the wind guardians who served under her. Amongst their company were Sylph and Autumn Leaves, respectively representing spring and autumn. The two sisters went on to become famous in Koeleth legends, the first as a notorious trickster and the second as a hateful hermit.

The Birth of a New People: When the tribes of the Ekoalem first united under a single banner, a great feast was held to commemorate the occasion. In honor of that great day, every year the Revelers of Joye host a grand festival in the capitol, full of entertainment and feasting. Joye blesses the people of Koeleth on that day with peace and prosperity.