A Mini-Update

Sorry. I’ll be a bit late with my chapter again. I haven’t quite got it finished yet. So I’m looking at Thursday or Friday again. A thousand apologies. So another (hopefully) decent mini chapter.

A Blacksmith’s Adventure with Weapons of Legend: Gore Glove

The warrior and the rogue were rapidly losing ground to the angry guards. At the first opportunity they ducked into the hollowed out trunk of a large tree, narrowly dodging a hailstorm of arrows.

“What are you doing now?” Aaron asked as Tom rummaged through his travel bag.

“Where is it? C’mon, I just found it! I can”t have lost it already!” Tom mumbled.


“Ah! Here it is!” Tom shouted, pulling what appeared to be a peculiar gauntlet.

“What is that?” Aaron inquired as Tom slipped the strange armor on is right arm.

“A bit awkward, given my biological predisposition, but I think I can make this work. Behold! The Gore Glove!”

“The what?”

“I would take the time to explain, but I think we have a more urgent issue to attend to. Watch this!”

Tom erected a temporary water barrier to position himself and then charged headlong into the mob. Aaron watched as the glove produced a wide array of tools and lethal aspects. One second small blades sprouted from the knuckles, and the next it was entangling people in thin strands of wire shooting from the wrist. Spikes would protrude from the back of the hand before giving way to a small dart launcher on the side. When Tom had sufficiently scared off their pursuers, he returned to Aaron in the log.


“Nah. The expert fusion of a trapper’s skillful hands and a armor smith’s expert technique. The trapper and the smith were trying to develop a means of personal defense for the people of their village, a cesspool of crime and depravity not unlike Silversin. Unfortunately, some less than savory elements caught wind of their scheme and killed them and took the gauntlet. It was so well made that it’s survived the wear and tear of being used by countless unworthy thugs.”