Head Banging (Against A Wall)

Well, um, you may have noticed the distinct lack of chapter…again. Apparently I’m very bad at keeping my promises. Anyways, here’s what’s happened with chapter 4 and why you don’t have it yet. I attempted to completely rewrite the chapter, with a completely different story and a completely different series of events. That…did not work with the rest of my story. Now, I could have easily fixed these story issues, but it would have come in the form of cheap fixes, like explaining that when a character died they miraculously actually didn’t somehow. So I tried to redo it again, and it failed again, but this time because the story raised too many questions. A made a third attempt at rewriting the chapter, but didn’t get far because my heart wasn’t in it. So, I settled for polishing the boring, rather uneventful original chapter 4, which I’m not quite done with. I’ve made some progress on trying to make the medieval aspects of the world more realistic, thanks to Sorin, who is still alive, despite any rumors to the contrary, and is a history major. I like my adventure being adventurous, but for the sake of at least a little bit of realism I want to make it clear that this world is indeed Medieval. So commoners like Tom and Aaron can’t own land, for example. They can only rent it. Thus, Tom is not purchasing a home, but renting in Chapter 4. Now, I have taken some liberties. In many medieval nations, it was true that only nobles could own weapons whether it was a specific type of weapon, or just weapons in general. This is not true of my world. You need a license to lawfully own weapons, but that’s quite a step up from “nobles only.” Anyways, I plan on fixing a bunch of things retroactively. Making the prices of inns more realistic, for example. Little things that won’t affect the story overall, but hopefully give it a more real flavor. Anyways, I’m not done with Chapter 4 just yet. Sorry. No bonus content tonight, but hopefully in the morning you’ll get some, and maybe a chapter.