I Did Not Lie!

Well, last update, I told you I’d be trying to get you a new chapter on Friday. I then proceeded to tell you that I might not get around to it since i had a busy week. I then proceeded to give you what in retrospect seems like an exceptionally lackluster minisode about Tom and a girl with a despairing outlook on life. That was a tragedy. For multiple reasons, and only a handful of them within the story. But that’s not what this update is about. This update is about a chapter-less Friday. Welp, sorry about that. Life was, as I stated, busy. So I am working on chapter 4 now. And I am not entirely sure when I’ll get it out. Hopefully Wednesday, but no promises. I’ve been trying to improve the chapter, which has been the whole point of my rewrite venture, and it’s been mildly problematic, as I am not entirely sure what I’m trying to do specifically. So we’ll see. But yeah, I won’t leave you hanging with nothing to read. Another minisode concerning Tom and legendary blades and what not.

A Blacksmith’s Adventure with Weapon’s of Legend: Eidolon’s Breath

Just as their horses were upon him, the young rogue vanished into thin air, only to appear instantaneously several yards away. he charged forward as quickly as he could, but it did not take long before his pursuers were on him again.

“I have you now!” Kristin screamed, swinging her sword towards the thief, only to have it slice through empty air. “Gah! Tom! How do we beat this guy? You know weapons, right? He’s got that funky looking knife!”

“Well,” Tom shouted over the noise of the horses, “if you had listened to me when we first started out, we might have already caught him! But that’s beside the point. That’s the Eidolon’s Breath! One of those rare magical artifacts that has survived through the ages! Like the Envoy, but less powerful! Thus why the Guardians have allowed it to continue to exist!”

“What does it do!?” the female warrior asked, spurring her Expanse raider, Daisy, to go even faster.

“C’mon, Squall! Keep up! The Eidolon’s Breath only grants one ability, one spell, to each of its wielders! But what the ability is and how useful and powerful it is depends on who is using it! It uses wind magic exclusively, but they still allows for a wide variety of spells! This guy, for example,” Tom said with a huff, “clearly requires the use of a short range teleportation spell! Annoying but not unconquerable! I’m willing to bet he can’t go beyond his range of vision! Otherwise he would have teleported to a safer place than a little farther away then he was before!”

“How will that help us!?”

“I don’t know yet!”

The chase continued for a while longer, but soon the thief showed signs of exhaustion. Knowing that his time was almost up, he decided to stand his ground. Brandishing the ornate dagger, the thief made an about-face. Tom and Kristin brought their horses to a stop and hopped off.

“Nowhere to run, kid,” Tom said. “We’ll let you off easy if you give back what you took.”

“Speak for yourself,” Kristin declared. “I think we should punish him right here.”

“My mission, my rules.”


As form of answer, the young man attacked Tom. The veteran warrior easily deflected the blow, but the rogue teleported before he could counterattack. Appearing behind him, he delivered a painful punch to Tom’s temple.

“Agh! Not fair! Fine. If you want it that way.”

Tom readied himself and it did not take long for the thief to regret his decision. Tom handily countered everything the thief threw at him, skillfully predicting his movements, despite the rogue’s magic. The thief’s weariness worked to Tom’s advantage. Tom drew a sword in between teleports and struck the Eidolon’s Breath as soon as the thief reappeared. Tom caught the dagger and sheathed his sword in one smooth motion. He twirled it around in his hands as Kristin tied up their target.

“So,” she asked, approaching Tom, ” what do you get from it?”

“Umm, increased awareness and speed.”

“That seems pretty dull.”

“Yeah. This weapon was made for thieves, though, and I’m not its type. We should keep it out Aaron’s hands, though.”

“Oh? Why’s that?”

“The Eidolon’s Breath has a rather prophetic inscription on the handle. It reads: ‘The eidolon rewards the prince of thieves.’ It’s not terribly poetic, but what it means is that a highly skilled pilferer, such as our very own Aaron, would wield great power with this in their possession. And can you think of a better thief than Aaron? I can’t. He might even be able to unlock the ghost spell.”

“Ghost spell?”

“It’s said that the Eidolon’s Breath harbors a spell that can turn one into a ghost, allowing them to pass through walls, fly, and turn invisible. Maybe not as mobile as teleportation but pretty darn close. And it’s hard to beat being totally undetectable. Now, come on. We have a thief to turn in and goods to return to their owners.”