Legends and Whatnot

Hello, faithful readers. I present you with another piece of writing that was promised. Because of schedules and priorities, it was delayed longer than it was supposed to have been, but I have not forgotten my promises. This is the preface to the book of legends that I mentioned. In a few days I will have the first legend for you. You should also be seeing a great increase in productivity this month. I have chapters 12 and 13 almost ready to send out for editing and I have three or four chapters of the legend in the works too.


Of Heroes and Villains: The Legends of Koeleth



Hello, dear readers. In my travels I have come across countless myths and legends surrounding the history and culture of Koeleth. At the urging of my compatriots and friends, I have collected and recorded a number of those legends in this volume. This is far from complete, however. There are hundreds upon hundreds of legends concerning our history and our people, and no single record could do them all justice. Thus, I have selected a few of the more interesting, famous and substantial legends to put into this volume. I will, of course, cover such famous heroes as Grant Bladebane, the famed founder of the Valiant Blades and the first recorded paragon to be blessed by two guardians; Seraphina Bluesea, the champion who fought off the invading barbarians from the northern kingdoms in the Destrian Wars; and Darrel and Luke Dancer, the renowned twins who lead a band of guerrillas against the greater forces of the Nagyb Desert Tribes in the Great Trialian War. I will also recount the tales of such villains as Terrance Skylight, the Tyrant of Ekoalreich, whose wicked ways led to his death at the hands of his own guard; Erin Coalheart, who was the bane of many a weak man; and Arthur Fellhammer, the notorious murderer of Koeleth’s finest king. Naturally, the truthfulness and completeness of a legend varies between each one, and the legends themselves are often grander and more idealistic than the actual events they describe. So it is my endeavor in this volume to not only record the legends but also to explore the truth behind them. Contained within these pages are the real stories of those remarkable figures we grew to love and hate.


Collin Softvoice