The Update You were Promised

As the title implies, this is the update you were promised. Please keep in mind that both these excerpts are rough and unedited versions of stories that are separate from the current Chronicles of Koeleth and connected only indirectly to the current story. Enjoy.

Excerpt from Chronicles of Koeleth: The Forgotten War

“C’mon, Vince! Let’s go! We can leave now and save ourselves!” the black-haired young woman pled, tugging at her companions arm.
“What, are you saying that we should just abandon them?
“We’re doomed if we stay! What can the two of us do against all of them? Even if I’m a paragon and you’re an exemplar, their numbers are far too great!”
The young man simply stood there, watching the overwhelming forces of the enemy charging towards the village. He was torn between running away with Meredith and standing firm to defend the village. Vincent pulled at his bluish-white hair in frustration, grappling with the decision before him. Finally he had made up his mind.
“I can’t do it, Merry! There are innocent people down there, and I would never forgive myself if any one of them died while I still drew breath! We have to stand and fight!”
“What…?” Meredith said in response, not fully comprehending. She had expected that, after realizing the hopelessness of their cause, Vincent would join her, and they would run away together.
“You heard me. I won’t stop you from running, but before you do, let me just say that you are the last person I thought I would hear those words come from. The paragon of Valro indeed. Merry, we vowed to protect these people, no matter what, and you’re letting your fear control you. I’m sorry, Merry, but I can’t accept that. I’m going to stay and fight, despite the odds. I hope you’ll change your mind and help me. Honor Valro and your oath. Honor yourself. Honor me. Honor us. If you can’t do any of that, though, flee. Run far away.”
“Vince…alright. I pray for your safe return to the guildhall. I suppose this is the last time I will be seeing you as a friend and ally. I leave the guild in your hands. Take good care of it for me, at least until a new paragon is chosen to run it. Farewell, Vincent Anderson.”
“Goodbye, Meredith Fearless,” Vincent whispered. “And one more thing, Meredith. Before you leave. I won’t go after you. You’ll be safe from the Valiant Blades. I’ll tell them you died in combat, or were captured, or something to that effect. It should provide you some protection for a while. I can’t say I’m not angry with you, but I can’t hate you for it either. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a village to save.”
Vincent and Meredith began walking in opposite directions, the former marching towards almost certain death and the latter towards a renegade’s life on the lam. Valro, looking upon the scene from his place in the heavens, began to work his magic on the weapons of his two followers. He severed his connection to the Heroine’s Blade, causing dark magic to course through it, like the fear coursing through the heart of its owner. Valro then empowered the greatsword on Vincent’s back, turning it into a new weapon for a new paragon. With the new powers came new names. The Heroine’s Blade became the Villainess’ Blade, and the Champion’s Blade became the Hero’s Blade. Valro was not a terribly creative individual, but he got his point across well.


Excerpt from The Slayers of Koeleth

“Ridiculous. With my kind of power I don’t need help from a few magicless hacks. What skill could possibly overcome my magic?” the orb-wielding mage scoffed.
“Grr! I’ll show you, you talentless prick! Why I oughta–” But before the small woman could do anything, a much larger man picked her up.
“Easy, now, Lil Cub. I know it may not be the most pleasant experience, but our respective superiors have asked us to work together on this. And you know Anselm wouldn’t have us working with a mage unless he felt it was necessary.” The man smiled at his new ally. “Now, Dick, I know you may not like us mage-hunters, and understandably so, but I have nothing against mages myself, and would like this to be as civil an experience as possible.”
“That’s Richard Dawnshard to you, baboon! And no, I am not pleased to work with those who have pointlessly devoted their time to trying to defeat magic users. Our clear superiority is no reason to hate us. But I suppose, if I must work with you, you have a valid point. I will be as civil as possible towards you savages.”
“Superior!?” the young woman shouted over the shoulder of her temporary jailor. “Brother, let me go! Let me show him what slayers can do! He thinks he doesn’t need skill because he has magic, but I’ll show him!”
“Now, now, sis. Please try to be civil. Besides, we’re not officially slayers yet. We’re only B-rank at the moment. Slayers need to be S-rank.”
“It’s strong enough!” the woman protested.
“W-wait! You two are siblings!?” Richard blabbered.
His shock was justified. The same dark brown, near-black hair and unique mocha skin were the only common features between the two. The woman stood at 5’1”, her hair pulled back into a sprout of a ponytail, a sleeveless karategi clothing her. The man was a hulking 6’4” musclebound goliath, with short but messy hair, and an equally unkempt beard. He wore only a pair of shorts and a bearskin as a cloak.
“Yep!” the large man said. “Twins even! Hard to believe, I know. Ain’t that right, Lil Cub?”
“I told you not to call me that, Matthew!” the detained woman shouted. “My name is Joann! And Joann Wild is not a little cub!”
“Don’t mind her. Once she calms down, she’ll be just fine.”
“O-okay. Well, I suppose we should be on our way, then. Umm, what rank did you say you were?”
“B!” Matthew jovially responded.
“Oh. Let’s see,” Richard whispered to himself. “If I’m rank B, and they’re rank B, and they specialize in fighting mages…Well it’s a pleasure to work with you on this mission and I hope we can work together admirably!”
“Oh? That’s quite the personality change there! Well, it’s good to hear!”
“Kiss-up…” Joann muttered, still hanging over her brother’s shoulder.