I bet you can’t guess what this is!

Hello, dearest readers. I suppose I shouldn’t need to tell you that I am still without charger, and therefore without chapters 11 and 12. I could, of course, rewrite them, but I would rather not, for fear of forgetting something or messing up a good thing. Anyways, I have a couple of things to do here. The first is a little bit of networking. A friend of mine has a gaming oriented community called The Kind Gamers. As you might have inquired from the name, it is designed to encourage cooperation and discourage toxicity in the gaming community. Right now, he’s posting a lot of his own creations. I suggest you all pay him a visit. You can find him on Discord App, YouTube, Twitter and Facebook. The second bit of business is more entertainment. For grins and giggles, I decided to do a question segment, where multiple characters weigh in on a question. Just for fun, mind you. I don’t have long term plans for this like I do for the profiles and the bonus chapters.

Question: How would you describe Tom and Aaron’s friendship?

Cleo: Do NOT talk to me about Aaron if ya now what’s good fer ya! Ah don’t know how Tom tolerates him! He is a lowdown, slimy insect and a man-whore!

Lilly: They seem like an odd pair, but they get along well enough. I think Aaron’s utter lack of concern for anything is an excellent balance to Tom’s extreme reactions to everything. I think Aaron might even care about Tom as a friend…Nah!

Catalina: Aaron is friends with Tom merely for the entertainment he gets out of messing with him. Tom is friends with Aaron for much the same reason. I’m not entirely sure you can actually call it a friendship.

Kristin: Tom is a distraction from what is truly important in Aaron’s life: me! I fail to see why Aaron spends time with Tom when he has a far superior option. Maybe…No! It couldn’t be! Is he…gay?

Aaron: I’m just here to let you know that Kristin is overreacting and I am not, in fact, homosexual.

Mei: Are you only ever going to interview women? Well, I suppose those are most of the important characters you’ve introduced so far anyways. Still, there are important male characters you could interview, too. After all, I haven’t even been introduced to the readers yet. Anyways, to answer your question. I could give you what I know, but what do I get in return? No, not money. I have more lucrative ways of getting that. How about…*whispers* Excellent. Well, if you can do that for me, I suppose I can tell you. Tom and Aaron, despite an innumerable quantity of differences, feel a certain degree of kinship with one another. Though their reasons differ, both of them feel that they owe each other to some extent.

Dustin: Beats me. I’m never around, if I can help it.

Vincent: Well, Aaron is no good in a fight, so I don’t know why Tom would befriend him, but I won’t judge too much. Personally, I think it’s destined to fail. You can’t trust a thief to have your back.

Matthew: I’ve never seen two truer friends! Ahem, no…I have, actually. Lots of times. These just seem to be the oddest of friends. I don’t get it.

Tom: Woah. What’s going on here? Why would you even ask that question? It seems so…irrelevant. Well, I’m not one to judge, I guess. But this seems fairly unimportant.