This is Not the Update You Deserve, Nor the One You Need Right Now

So, this isn’t the update I promised, but at this late hour of the night I find myself in need of a distraction from my own thoughts. I figured the best way to do that was to write a little something. I’m presenting you, therefore, with another story stone “story”. Enjoy.

The Cascade of Tears

Spirit of many sorrows
Her tears are as numerous as the drops of rain
She dances with the guardian and converses with the wolf
The demon’s fire is extinguished by her power
The cold once known fights her and the fallen hero entraps her
The story changes and strangers become friends
The scattered gather and a dragon is born
Guide of the mirrored twins, friend of the beating heart
The steel warrior and the scholar walk alongside
The golden wolf and the dark flame seek her counsel
Those of noble birth heed her words
Death encroaches only to be beaten back
The listless soul and the ceaseless hunger trouble her
Though woes come she never wavers
History shall remember her