Another Profile and An Update

Hello, folks. It’s Aaron next, as he will be Tom’s boon companion throughout much of the Chronicles of Koeleth. Also, I wanted to let you know that my next post will contain excerpts from two future Chronicles of Koeleth books, The Forgotten War and The Slayers of Koeleth. I realize I haven’t updated the current story in some time, but I am afraid that you will have to be patient. Anyways, here’s Aaron’s profile.

Aaron Mark Deepscar (Beginning of Story)

Known Aliases: Devin Sabersong, Aaron Nightingale

Age: 24

Birthdate: Harvestsky (October) 13, 7063

Birthplace: Earthmaw, Darwin’s Expanse, Koeleth

Current Residence: Ramsthrone, Ramsrest, Koeleth

Parents: Mark Gerald Deepscar, Jennifer Dana Batwing

Siblings: None

Significant Others: Depends on who you ask

Pets: None

Hair: Ginger, Slicked Back, Shoulder Length

Facial Hair: Ginger, Stubble

Eyes: Blue

Height: 6’2″

Weight: 164 lbs

Tattoos: None

Notable Features: None

Clothing: Black Long-Sleeved Shirt, Black Leather Travelling Boots, Black Pants, Black Theive’s Cape and Cowl

Armor: None

Occupation: Thief for Hire, Spy for Hire

Associations: None

Koeleth Standard Warrior Rank: C

Weapon of Choice: Utility Dagger

Blessed Weapons: Empty Eyes (Hasta, Apathy Magic, Water Element, Water Strike), False Mask (Pilim, Apathy Magic, Water Element, Water Pulse)

Favorite Color: Grey, like his outlook on life

Favorite Food: Guacamole (and the chips needed to eat it)

Favorite Drinks: Whatever is in the cup

Least Favorite Food: Whatever he has to pay for

Favorite Form of Transportation: Anything with wheels (so he can sleep in the carts)

Hobbies: Mocking Tom, Sleeping, Stealing Things

Unique Talents: Seducing woman (and the occasional man, if absolutely necessary), picking locks

Information Broker: Mei Owlwise

Favorite Animal: Any that don’t inconvenience him

Least Favorite Animal: Guard Dog

Other Notes: May or may not be the king of some distant country as a result of one of his jobs, is frustrated by locks he cannot unlock