Pantheon #17

Hey, folks. Content as advertised.

Showcase #17


Peaz is the incarnation of the Progenitor’s inner serenity and harmony. A lover of the arts and a positive soul, where Joye rejoices in revelry, Peaz embraces poetry and philosophy. He is the solace that shelters humanity in times of turmoil. He hates war and conflict, and is pacifistic nearly to fault.


Domain: Peace, Tranquility, Calm

Associated Pantheon: Koeleth Sentimentals

Religious Order: Temple of Tranquility

Native Magical Element: Wind

Symbolic Weapon: Stave

Symbolic Gem: Lemon Quartz

Symbolic Bird: Dove

Insignia: Peace Sign (Because why not?)


Body Shape: Small Frame, Straight

Eyes: Hazel

Hair Style: Unkempt, Long

Hair Color: Brown

Facial Hair: Hippie Beard, Brown

Skin Tone: White, Tan

Attire: Hemp Robes, Rose-Colored Glasses, Sandals, Tie-Dye Headband

Weapon: Simple Staff

Markings: None

Notable Features: Distinctive Scent


Titles: Lord of the Trance, Serene Mind, Spirit of the Pacifist

Siblings: Warrdu

Significant Subordinates: None

Relationships: He believes in free love, so the list is long.

Antithesis: Warrdu

Notable Events:

Pax: In the aftermath of the fall of Orgalav, there was much work to be done. Peaz and his paragon made significant strides in smoothing out tensions lingering between the remaining nations. Koeleth, and Trialias, might not be what they are without his intervention.

Paved with Good Intentions: The Wanderer, as the bearer of the powerful weapon Envoy, has a duty to responsibly use his powers. Before certain rules were established, a follower of Peaz obtained the weapon. In their attempts to do good, they managed to destroy a city and devastate the farmlands around it.

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