Vacation Time Update

Howdy, folks. Sorry about being utterly absent from the picture for two whole weeks. No excuses, really. However, my chapter is still unedited (what can you expect when people have their own lives to worry about and aren’t paid to do this?) so be patient, please. At any rate, as the title suggests I am on vacation. Worry not; I’m on vacation from my job, and not from writing. I plan to post at least 3 non-chapter things this week (plus the chapter, if everything works out), and at least two of them will be the usual guardian showcases, and the third will be something special, methinks. Maybe I’ll even get a little something done tonight. For those who want a schedule, umm, check at night or in the morning, I guess. My days will be spent with my family, so no writing will get done until evening. Thanks for the patronage, you guys are awesome!

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