Pantheon #8 (STRESS!)

Hey, all. Sorry this is coming to you so late. There has been some family drama on top of the usual busyness of the season, so I’ve been unable to focus on my writing. My apologies. I’ll try to keep up with the schedule as best I can, but I can make no guarantees at the moment. I should be able to make next Tuesday, but the 26th is a bit up in the air. Anyways, enjoy.

Showcase #8


Hopell is the incarnation of the Progenitor’s promise of a better future. She was born in a time when the Progenitor still believed in the goodness of his firstborn, humanity. In the bleakest of night and the harshest of storms, Hopell shines like a beacon for those who dare to look beyond the cruel shadows and the crashing waves. In her heart lies the capacity for greater good and in her mind lies the confidence to strive for it. When joy fades and compassion retreats, still she keeps her vigil.


Domain: Hope, Optimism, Aspiration

Associated Pantheon: Koeleth Sentimentals

Religious Order: Mission of Hope

Native Magical Element: Growth

Symbolic Weapon: Tower Shield

Symbolic Gem: Alexandrite

Symbolic Bird: Song Thrush

Insignia: Bird Singing at Dawn


Body Shape: Straight, Small Frame

Eyes: Crystalline

Hair Style: Straight, Long

Hair Color: Jet Black

Skin Tone: White, Peach

Attire: Milky White Gown

Weapon: Tower Shield

Markings: None

Notable Features: Tallest of the Koeleth Sentimentals


Titles: Lady of Promise, Guiding Light, Friend of the Forsaken

Siblings: Joye

Significant Subordinates: None

Relationships: She hopes to find love some day, but with whom she does not know.

Antithesis: Despar

Notable Events:

Valor’s Friend: Amongst Valro’s first allies was Hopell. In the burgeoning young nation of Ekoalem she saw great hope and the will to withstand any trial. Where Valro was the force driving the Ekoalem forward, Hopell was the force shielding the Ekoalem from the chains of despair.

A Mission of Hope: Since the dawn of tragedy, there have been those who have wanted to carry the afflicted through it. With the introduction of Hopell into the equation, the Ekoalem united under one banner to bring aid to their suffering nations. The Mission of Hope serves as a show of goodwill by Koeleth towards it neighbors, even to those who they normally butt heads with.