The Wheel of Apologies Rolls Ever Onward

Sorry about being so late. I’ve just been so spent lately, and I’ve forgotten to keep up with some of my responsibilities, such as this. I am working on chapter 2 of Ender of Worlds still (the story took an unexpected turn that I want to pursue) but I am finishing up my editing on chapter 7 of the River’s Tale. SO that’ll be out tomorrow or Saturday. In the mean time, I wanted to explore some alternate forms of Tom (kind of like the different incarnations of superheroes).

Tom – Alternate Forms

Corrupted – I have mentioned once or twice that Tom briefly wields the Wicked Desire. The details of this event are purposely vague. I will explore it in detail when I feel it is appropriate. It does happen during the River’s Tale, so you will get it in detail. Anyways, the Wicked Desire corrupts and twists the desires in the wielder’s heart. The greatsword has a life of its own, and it takes pleasure in breaking the most virtuous individuals. Tom is a bit of an exception. He gets darker during this time, but he never completely gives in to the blade’s dark temptations. His darkest, most twisted desires are never realized. This is because he isn’t perfect, and the demons he hides are greater in his own mind than anything the Wicked Desire can produce. Details, once again, will come in due time.

Physical Features: black sclera on the right eye (both sclera are black if fully corrupted, disappears if purified), black veins on right arm

Attire Changes: bandages over right arm, no robe, black masquerade mask (sometimes)

Weaponry: Hardened Tear (his halberd), Wicked Desire, Twin Suns (at the end)

Storm Rider – Tom is a Man of the River, and therefore he has the potential to be a Storm Rider if he so chooses. He achieves this at some point in the future and proves to be very effective for a brief period of time, though he never officially joins the Storm Riders of Sorowa’s Cradle, a cavalry unit in service to Lord Cradleborn.

Physical Features: River Runner tattoo (symbolic of the Storm Riders)

Attire Changes: fur cloak, Storm Rider armor

Weaponry: Heartfelt Tear (exemplar halberd), javelin, Stormstriker (cavalry saber for the Riders)

River Dragon – Tom is the Chosen Son of the River Dragon. What this means is pretty open and vague (by design). However, it does demand he do certain things for the sake of Sorowa’s Cradle and the River Dragon’s people. Therefore, when called upon for such acts of heroism, he keeps an appropriate set of armor for the occasion.

Physical Features: luminous irises (imagine that in combination with the black sclera, awesome but never happens), River Dragon’s emblem (a temporary magical “tattoo” that let’s Tom know he’s needed)

Attire Changes: white trench-coat, custom Lilly Forge “Riverson” armor

Weaponry: Azure Lily, Heartfelt Tear, Swirling Silver (another Cradle sword)

Wasserdrachen – Even while guiding a guild, Tom favors his usual tattered clothes. However, when Wasserdrachen needs him to go all out, he has just the gear for it.

Physical Features: None

Attire Changes: black Wasserdrachen trench-coat, custom Lilly Forge “Warpath” armor

Weaponry: Heartfelt Tear, Royal Oathkeeper, Night and Day, Aegis of the Gian