Brief Update

Hey, howdy, hi, hello. Just giving you a progress update. I’ve made loads of progress on chapter 2 of Ender of Worlds, and I’m pleased with it so far. You will see that very soon, I think. Also, I am making fair progress on chapter 7 of the River’s Tale (the main story, in case you forgot – I forget what I called it sometimes too) and it should take about a week for me to finish everything up with that. Also, over the weekend I had an idea for another story set to take place in the world of Koeleth, shortly before or after A Story of the Mists (the ghost story) but in an entirely different part of Koeleth. The ghost story starts in the Ghostlands and works its way south and then follows around back north to Gracil (in Rygost). This new story takes place in a northeastern region of Koeleth and works its way southeast and then back up to Nobody’s Crown (which is still in Koeleth). So, the protag is a bit different. In the River’s Tale and Clash of Dragons, Thomas is the main protagonist, and he’s competent, compassionate, and intelligent. In the Forgotten War, Vincent is valiant, skillful, and wise. In the Slayers of Koeleth, Matthew is talented, strong, and curious. In the Descendant, Argus is driven, calculating, and ambitious. In Blade and Wolf, Anna is ruthless, peerless, and determined. No doubt you can see a certain trend. In this new, as yet unnamed, story, I buck the trend. Noah is a farmhand, and, therefore, unintelligent, unskilled, and unremarkable. Very ordinary. Very normal. The story makes him, he doesn’t make the story.