A Brief Update and Some Knowledge for You

Sorry. I know I’ve been pretty quiet. It’s not been for lack of work, I assure you. In fact, I have many fun ideas that I wish to implement in the world of Koeleth. That being said, I have not forgotten to work on the task at hand. Chapter 6 (the former chapter 7) is coming. Next week, if all goes well. To fill the time, though, I have a bit of an informative thing here to help you in reading future chapters of Koeleth and other Eirmoda stories.

Classifying Koeleth, Pt 1

Blessed – Any creature, human or otherwise, who has been gifted magic by the guardians. Universally used term. Ex: Tom, Aaron, Lilly, etc.

Abomination – Any creature, human or otherwise, who has been born or cursed with adverse magical abilities. This includes the magically diseased, but most often the magically diseased are treated differently than more severely affected abominations. Universally used term. Ex: Theo, Dennis, Rydia, etc.

Mage Hunter – Anyone without magic who is trained to combat the magic of blessed individuals and abominations. Primarily Trialian term, but used in other regions as well. Ex: Laurel, Judas, etc. (You haven’t met these guys yet)

World Walker – In extraordinarily rare circumstances, an earthbound guardian will bond with a human. They lack the power to bless this human with a magical artifact, so instead, they bless them with companionship. The earthbound guardian forges a mystical bond with their chosen human. The pair then becomes known as world walkers. Primarily Trialian term, but used in other regions as well. Ex: Drago and Kaiser, Johannes and Leone, etc. (Won’t meet many of these)

Apostate – Rumors speak of those who have artificially created magic. Though rare, sometimes these rumors are true. Apostates are rarely responsible for their own magic, often times being the subject of some mad scientist’s experiment. Ex: Anna, Joshua, etc. (VERY RARE)

Paragon – The chosen human representative of a guardian. Though generally restricted to one paragon per guardian, there are exceptions. They wield far greater power than most blessed individuals. Predominantly Trialian term. Ex: Vincent (Valro), Kilroy (Despar), Tyrion (Fearl), etc.

Renegade – A paragon who has in someway forsaken their guardian. These betrayals often result in the twisting of their magic when it breaks from their guardians. The guardians, officially speaking, do not tolerate renegades. However, most are willing to look past them, so long as they do not actively hinder them. Predominantly Trialian term. Ex: Meredith, Daniella, Delvin, etc. (Probably only actually meet Meredith)

Exemplar – Technically not a paragon, but essentially someone who has been gifted with paragon-like power. The details surrounding how guardians get away with this are vague. The rules on how their magic operates and what their magic can be are less stringent than those of paragons, since paragons are meant to be the earthly representation of guardians, and exemplars are not. Primarily Trialian term. Ex: Specs the Cat, Barret, Gaius, etc. (Haven’t met)

Archfiend – An abomination of such great magical power that they are comparable to a paragon. In nearly all cases, this is due to honing their powers and learning to control the wealth of magic they have, as untrained magic is more dangerous to the wielder than the wielder’s foes. Predominantly Trialian term. Ex: The Tainted King (Remember from the legend?), Jackrabbit Sam, Lucius, etc. (Haven’t met those last two either)

Slayer – A mage hunter of such high caliber that they could fight on the same level as a paragon, sans the magic. They go through years, sometimes decades of training. Predominantly Trillion term. Ex: Matthew, JoAnn, Anselm, etc. (Still haven’t met)

World Eater – World eaters are the joint power of two souls so in sync that they act as one. Much like the bond between greater guardian and paragon, the bond between lesser guardian and human tether is so pure and precise as to resonate perfectly. Accordingly, the world eater tether and the world eater familiar wield vast power. Predominantly Trialian term. Ex: Clayton and Loba Luna, Eione and Chargonard, etc. (You’ll meet these two, eventually)

Iconoclast – Some apostates resonate so well with their artificial magic that they achieve paragon levels of power. Thus, iconoclasts are born. Predominantly Trialian term. Ex: Genevieve, Colleen, etc. (You will meet these guys later)

Eidolon – In a distant land, millennia ago, a great calamity ravaged the nation. As a result, chaotic magic devastated the people of the land, leaving some of them to wander the earth as undying wraiths. Though containing vast quantities of magic within their souls, the ghosts could not use it. Thus they sought living men to wield the power on their behalf. These ghosts became known as eidolons and they paired themselves with fitting humans. They are cursed to serve their living masters until those masters die themselves. Predominantly Rygost term. Ex: The Ghost from the one story I mentioned, Thanasis, etc.

Beacon – The people eidolons haunt are called beacons. They have full access to whatever magic the eidolon provides, but must take on the curse themselves when they die. This cycle continues until a beacon or an eidolon somehow manages to break it. Predominantly Rygost term. Ex: Leontios, etc.