History 101: A Long Overdue Lesson

So, there are some…inconsistencies with my history of Koeleth that you may or may not have noticed. I’d like to explain one of those. The biggest one is where I say that Koeleth has been the home of the Koelings since forever, but they had to settle Koeleth and take it from the current inhabitants.

A (Very) Brief History of Koeleth

The Progenitor formed human life long after he formed Eirmoda, placing them in the bountiful bosom of the Triali Riverlands. From this core, humanity branched out and spread, forming Trialias. Of the many nations of Trialias, three rose to prominence: Ariluo, Angamufi, and Ekoalund. Over time, Ariluo grew and absorbed its neighbors, forming the Arilese Empire, which still exists today, though its borders are ever changing. While the empire grew through conquest or alliance, Angamufi dominated its neighbors through war and bloodshed, forming the Nagybi Empire. Unlike its neighbors, Ekoalund neither conquered nor assimilated its neighbors. The people of Ekoalund, the Ekoalem, were nomadic by nature, so for many centuries they simply traveled the land, and no one challenged their right to it. Over time, some Ekoalem established small kingdoms that served as safe havens for their nomadic brethren. Conflict was inevitable, however, and, after several centuries of relative peace, the Ekoalem were driven from their lands by a new and foreign empire: Orgalav. Orgalav, with its well trained armies and superior weaponry, scattered the Ekoalem to the winds and subjugated those peoples whom they protected. For centuries more, the nomadic Ekoalem traveled foreign lands, from Elvairnian to Anverlund, from Krshnl (yeah, that’s a name I’m using, deal with it) to Rendalaea, always adapting to their temporary homes, but ever longing for Ekoalund’s sweet embrace. After a millenia or two, Orgalav, the mighty empire that had driven them away, collapsed nearly overnight. When the living descendants of the Ekoalem heard this, they returned to their home as quickly as they could. Some of those who had been under Orgalav’s thumb resented their return and fought them, but most of them welcomed them back with open arms, longing once more for days of peace and prosperity. The current Koeleth kingdom is strong enough where if they were to see a repeat of the events of Orgalav, they wouldn’t go down easily. Any attacker would think twice about trying to conquer them again.