Look! It’s A Bird! It’s A Plane! No! It’s An Apology!

So, it struck me last night that I hadn’t posted a chapter in quite some time. This was not intentional, mind you. I finished Chapter 4, and checked out for a month, I guess. I had planned for only half a week of vacation, but hey, I got a month. I can’t even assure you guys that I’ll have a chapter out soon, because I haven’t even worked on Chapter 5. I don’t know where I’ve been for the past month, but I’ve clearly not been here. Sincerely sorry about that. No excuses. Anyways, hopefully I can assuage your disappointment with a character profile! (stealthily sneaks out the back door while the audience is distracted)

Aaron Mark Deepscar (The River’s Tale)


The bastard son of an elven slave and a man of many questionable talents, Aaron Deepscar is a young rogue who lives life in a careless, lackadaisical manner. A matchless thief and savvy seducer, Aaron seeks the one thing he cannot seem to attain: joy. His apathetic approach to the world is a result of a childhood that left him jaded and cynical. He finds unexpected adventure in a benevolent warrior, a dauntless pursuer, and a curious cast of equally strange characters.


Age: ~26

Height: 6’2″

Weight: 155 lbs

Eyes: Blue

Hair Style: Shoulder Length, Slicked Back

Hair Color: Ginger

Facial Hair: Stubble, Ginger

Skin Tone: White, Pale

Preferred Attire: Black Hooded Cloak, Pristine; Black Long-Sleeved Shirt, Clean; Loose Black Leggings, Clean; Black Leather Boots; Black Leather Belt; (Occasionally) Cloth Gloves

Weapon: False Mask, Blessed Spear; Empty Eyes, Blessed Spear; Dagger

Tattoos: Small Elven Design, Right Shoulder; Order of Aidan Tattoo, wrapped around left upper arm

Notable Physical Features: None


Known Aliases: Devin Sabersong, Aaron Nightingale, Lord Reynold Fellfar

Birthdate: Harvestsky 13, 7063

Birthplace: Earthmaw, Darwin’s Expanse, Kingdom of Koeleth

Current Residence: Ramsthrone, Ramsrest, Kingdom of Koeleth

Parents: Father Unknown, Jennifer Dana Deepscar

Siblings: None

Recent Relationships: Depends on how you define “relationship”

Pets: None

Known Adversaries/Rivals: Too many

Current Occupation: Career Thief, General Roguery

Koeleth Standard Warrior Rank: C

Known Associations: Order of Aidan (Former), Earthmaw Slave Traders (Former Slave)

Skills: Skullduggery, Thievery, Seduction, Stealth and Espionage

Education: Treasure Appraisal, Security Lore (Locksmiths and Locks, Vaults)


Favorite Color: Grey, like his outlook on life

Favorite Food: Guacamole (and the chips needed to eat it)

Favorite Drinks: Whatever is in the cup

Least Favorite Food: Whatever he has to pay for

Favorite Form of Transportation: Anything with wheels (so he can sleep in the carts)

Unique Talents: Remarkably agile

Information Broker: Mei Owlwise

Favorite Animal: Any that don’t inconvenience him

Least Favorite Animal: Guard Dog

Other Notes: May or may not be the king of some distant country as a result of one of his jobs, is frustrated by locks he cannot unlock