I LIVE!!! …But I May Not Live For Long

(I stole this from the interwebs. Sorry, interwebs.)

Anyways, you may be wondering what I mean by such a foreboding title. Well, it’s pretty simple. If all goes well in the next week, I’ll be finding myself working a job with four 12 hour shifts a week, alongside my current job (about 10-14 hours a week, sad, I know) and classes. I am not confident that I am going to do well, and I am even less confident that I’ll be able to regularly post.

In the meantime, this might be my new format for character profiles.

Thomas William Riversedge (The River’s Tale)


The son of a blacksmith and an accomplished person in his own right, Thomas Riversedge is a young adventurer whose main goal in life is to make the world a better place. A skilled fighter and amateur scholar, Tom’s genuine curiosity and selfless nature have carried him into a number of harrowing situations. His jovial nature and upbeat attitude harbor a much deeper sorrow, fueled by a sense of optimism that constantly comes to blows with cruel reality. He finds unlikely allies in an apathetic thief, a lovestruck barmaid, and a quirky cast of equally eccentric characters.


Age: 24

Height:  5’9″

Weight: 158 lbs

Eyes: Blue

Hair Style: Short, Messy

Hair Color: Black

Facial Hair: Goatee, Black

Skin Tone: White, Light Tan

Preferred Attire: Adventurers’ Guild Issued Black Travel Robe, Tattered; Black T-Shirt, Slightly Worn; Black Slacks, Worn; Black Travel Boots; Steel Breastplate; Black Leather Belt; (Occasionally) Fingerless Gloves

Weapons: Hardened Tear, Blessed Halberd; (Frequently) Swords, Shields, Greatswords

Tattoos: None

Notable Physical Features: None


Known Aliases: None

Birthdate: Summersky 22, 7062

Birthplace: Lilly Pond, Sorowa’s Cradle, Kingdom of Koeleth

Current Residence: Ramsthrone, Ramsrest, Koeleth

Parents: William Thomas Riversedge, Cheryl Ann Riversedge nee Fairday

Siblings: None

Recent Relationships: Angela Sunfire, Ex-Girlfriend

Pets: None

Known Adversaries/Rivals: Yuuta Seeker

Current Occupation: Armed Escort

Koeleth Standard Warrior Rank: B (On Record), A (Off Record)

Known Associations: Adventurers’ Guild (Former), Blacksmiths’ Guild (Member, though inactive)

Skills: Blacksmith, Standard Military Fighting Techniques, Specialized Fighting Techniques, Sword Expertise, Halberd Expertise, Dance Techniques

Education: Linguistic Mastery (Arilese, Ekoalem, Nagybi, Danagir), Weapons Lore, Koeleth History, Koeleth Mythology and Religion, The Scriptures of Lady Sorowa


Favorite Color: Blue

Favorite Food: Cheese (that’s it, just cheese by itself)

Favorite Flavor of Pie: Pumpkin

Favorite Drinks: Milk, Green Tea, Black Tea

Least Favorite Food: Tuna Fish

Favorite Animal: Wolf

Preferred Pet: Frostreach Husky

Least Favorite Animal: Snakes (Gross!)

Unique Talents: Being remarkably hard to kill

Other Notes: Has trouble maintaining relationships, refuses to kill when it can be avoided, keeps strange company, treats everyone the same regardless of class except in business dealings, must pet any cute and fuzzy animal he sees