My Sincerest of Apologies

I know I’ve been apologizing a lot lately. Well, I’m going to do it again. I’ve had so much trouble getting back on track, and it’s not entirely for justifiable reasons. One of the more justifiable reasons is I had to redo my rewrite of chapter three because I made story mistakes that were relevant. The main purpose of this post, however, is to deliver an announcement: I am suspending any regularly scheduled updates until after the Christmas season. I will try to maintain my promised schedule, but do not expect to see something every Wednesday or Thursday. Clearly, I am having issues keeping my own deadlines right now. At any rate, I do have a little bit of something for you. I’m going to discuss the types of the mounts that the characters ride.

Mounts in the Chronicles of Koeleth

River Runner

River runners are a breed of horse wholly unique to Koeleth. They originated during the earliest days of the Ekoalem’s occupation of what is now Koeleth. When the Ekoalem had settled in Sorowa’s Cradle and the Rainy Dales, they bred a warhorse specially suited to the wet environment. Thus the river runner was born. They can navigate a river better than any other, they know their way around a marsh, and their footing never falters. Strong and fast, the river runner bravely charges into even the most dangerous situations. They are notoriously stubborn and temperamental, and only a few people can handle them, which gave rise to a certain legend. Over time, the Ekoalem who had settled the wet regions, the Men of the River, developed a unique bond with river runners. Legend states that only a Man of the River can truly tame and ride a river runner, and that the bond between them cannot be broken. The legend has yet to be disproved. Though they are warhorses, it would be an insult to coat them in armor. It only impedes their strengths. Featured River Runners: Squall, Tempest

Expanse Raider

Expanse raiders have become the most commonly used warhorse in Koeleth and a popular choice for many foreign lands, as well. They are stronger and faster than any other warhorse and Koeleth. Long before the Ekoalem occupied Koeleth, the Urdvayne lived in what is now Darwin’s Expanse. Two types of Urdvayne cultures existed: the overworlders and underworlders. The underworlders lived in vast stone cities carved out of the living earth, giving rise to legends about dwarves and the like. The overworlders, however, were nomads and raiders. The expanse raider was bred so that the raiders could charge into the cities below, do their wicked duty, and leave. When the Ekoalem took over, they quickly adopted the easily trainable horse. Their obedient nature make them the ideal mount, and their physical prowess is matchless. They are useful in almost any terrain, save the wet lands of the Rainy Dales and Sorowa’s Cradle, where the River Runner always has the upper hand. Featured Expanse Raiders: Daisy, Vigilance

Flickerfoot Courser

Flickerfoot coursers are commonly used by scouts, messengers, couriers and the like to travel swiftly across Koeleth. Bred by pre-Koeleth Ekoalem for the purpose of hunting game and scouting out potential habitable lands, the flickerfoot is agile, swift, and light. flickerfoots are also known to be used by assassins, thieves, and other blackguard, due to their impressive ability to be quiet and stealthy. The flickerfoot does not have a place on the battlefield. Far from charging into conflict, it charges away from it as quickly as it can. flickerfoots coursers are so unequivocally fast that some say that can outrun the archer’s arrow and the falconer’s talons. Despite their fleet build, they do not do well where roads or flat, dry land are absent. Featured Flickerfoot Coursers: Horse (Yes, a character names his horse “Horse”)

Riding Llama

A peculiar creature to say the least, the riding llama is not a native of Koeleth. Nevertheless, one or two have found their way to the forests and farms of Koeleth. Slightly larger and sturdier than its cousins, the riding llama can carry grown men across most terrain, even mountains that would hinder a horse. Meant for travel and carrying goods, the riding llama is not fit for the battlefield, nor does it right the winds to deliver messages. It strolls along at its own pace, going where it is guided. Featured Riding Llamas: Ms. Maddie