The World is Spinning

Hello, folks. I have to apologize. I will only be able to release one chapter this week. My job kept me busy last week, so I didn’t quite finish up two chapters. I would have worked on it some today and yesterday, but I was hanging out with friends yesterday and I partook of a little too much alcohol. First time I’ve been drunk in my life; last time, too, I hope. Suffice to say, I did not feel well enough to write anything today. Sorry. I’ll try to catch up, but I’ll only have one chapter this week. While we’re on the topic of my schedule, the content I have for you today is very simple: these are all of the Chronicles of Koeleth books I plan on writing, in chronological order (not in order of when they were written, obviously). And a quote from a main character in each. Not the legends and other stuff, because that’ll happen as it happens. Just the books titled “The Chronicles of Koeleth.”

Chronicles of Koeleth: The Forgotten War

“Your majesty, you’ve stolen fire from the gods, and the gods want to take it back.” – Vincent Anderson

CoK: The River’s Tale

“I’d welcome the rain, if it could hide my tears.” – Thomas Riversedge

CoK: The Slayers

“No, Anselm. Not all of them are wicked. I will defend this one, even if it means fighting you.” – Matthew “The Great Bear” Wild

CoK: Clash of Dragons

“There is an old tale that tells of a great river dragon who defended the river and its people.” – Thomas Riversedge

CoK: Blade and Wolf

“What…am I? Am I…human? I must be…but…” – Anna Blade

CoK: The Descendant

“First I ran. But now I have to fight. This blade shall carry me to my goal.” – The Descendant (doesn’t have a true name yet)

CoK: A Story of the Mists (uncertain of time period)

“This place…it feels like home.” – The Ghost (doesn’t have a true name yet)

CoK: Myths and Mirth – A Collection of Chapters about the Lore of Koeleth

CoK: A Look at the People – A Collection of Chapters about the Characters of the Series

CoK: Shady Places – A Collection of Chapters about Aaron’s Adventures

CoK: Shady Places, Vol. II – A Collection of Chapters about Other Questionable Adventures