Advance Notice

Hello, cherished readers. I just wanted to let you know that I might have to delay my chapter one more day. I realized that I had not submitted it for editing, but my pool of editors has grown a tad bit, so I’ll be able to get one of them to look over it today. Ideally they will have  it done in time for me to post it today. If not, just now that regardless of circumstances, I will have a quality chapter for you tomorrow at the latest. In the meantime, I have a bit of something for you. I don’t believe I have shared this yet, but no doubt you’ve noticed a Koeleth Standard Warrior Ranking in my character profiles. That DOES mean something. Though not a hard and fast system, the KSWR gives a fairly solid guideline as to how skilled a warrior is. It ranks from A to E, with the Special rank “S” above them all. E is the weakest and A is just below S. I’ll give you a simple breakdown.

E – People who are so terrible at fighting that they’re safest bet is to just run away. Mostly the disabled, elderly, children, and monks. You know, people who wouldn’t fight anyways.

D – People who can fight but probably shouldn’t. Barmaids, farmers, common folk. Normal people. Most people in Koeleth are right here.

C – People who have actual skill or training. The army, mercenaries, blacksmiths who take pride in making good weapons. They might be able to fight for a living.

B – A few steps above average. Elite soldiers, guild fighters, well-trained nobles, freelancers. Skillful enough to not be messed with by most.

A – True masters of combat. Generals, mercenary lords, guild masters, vanguards. Worth their weight in gold. Fighting isn’t just a job; it’s a lifestyle.

S – The matchless few. Paragons, slayers, arch fiends, world eaters. People who command powerful magic and those who have trained to defeat them. The Koeleth Vanguard is composed of the elites among these.

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