An Actual, Factual, Useful Update

This update doesn’t contain a chapter, as you might have otherwise assumed by the title, but it is an honest to goodness important update. As I suspected, increasing the amount of work I had to do has motivated me to do more of the work I wanted to do. I’ve picked up the work I had to put down last month, and now I can honestly tell you I will at least have the rewritten first chapter of The Chronicles of Koeleth: The River’s Tale (that’s its new official title, because I will have other C of K books that will need their own identities) up on next Wednesday. Call me out if I don’t deliver, but rest assured that I will deliver. However, I will leave you with a tidbit of an important thing from a future chapter.

Excerpt, future chapter

Aaron sought out Tom in the bar, but he could not see him. Seeing Cleo working at the bar, he approached her, inquiring about his companion’s location.

“He’s in his room,” Cleo offered. “What do ya need?”

“I require his assistance,” Aaron replied cryptically, before charging up the inn stairs.

Tom was scanning the pages of an ancient Ekoalem tome he had picked up on his most recent job. He did not have the time to properly translate and read it right now, but he would give a more dignified review of it when he arrived at his home in Ramsthrone. His progress was arrested by Aaron’s hurried entrance into his room.

“Tom, I have an emergency,” he declared, his eyes betraying a confusion that his face refused to express. “I don’t feel well. I think someone is doing something to me.”

“Woah, calm down!” Tom said, worried for his friend. “What’s wrong?”

“You know that woman who has been hunting me?” Aaron said.

“Yeah, she’s Catalina’s friend, I think. One of the Vanguard.”

“That’s the one. I think she’s doing something to me whenever we fight. I get nervous, I feel ill, my head gets fuzzy, I can’t think straight.”

“Okay…” Tom grinned, beginning to understand. “So, you think this is some sort of chemical or magical attack?”

“Yes. Nothing else could explain it. Despite all the discomfort and misery, it also…makes me want to be near her. And I don’t want to steal her valuables, either. I’m tempted to let her kill me, if it would please her.”

“You’re an idiot,” Tom laughed.

“What?” Aaron answered, befuddled.

“Have you never been in love before? Because that’s what that sounds like.”

“I…I see. How do I stop it?”

“Well, I don’t know if you can. Matters of the heart are tricky things. What fascinates me is that Mr. Suave and Debonair, who has won the hearts and bedded so many women, needs help when he falls in love.”

“Normally, I would take a tiny bit of pleasure in volleying insults with you, but this is too important. I have to see her again. I want to get to know her before I die. Which may may not be long after.”