Not the Long Awaited Update You Were Hoping For

Well, folks, I am sorry to say I have no new chapters fr you yet. We have also had to cancel our gift for you, but maybe we will make up for it later. However, this is not an entirely tragic posting; I am writing a Halloween special chapter that I will release on or before Halloween. It’s gonna be funny, silly and features everybody’s favorite mercenary, Tom, and his thief friend, Aaron. Also, I would like to say something about my plans for Koeleth and more. Right now, aside from the special chapter, which will be my focus for the next week, I am working on the rewrite of the main story of Koeleth, an extra chapter that explores Tom’s Adventurers’ Guild days, the legend of Neria and Aidan, and my friend’s story that I told y’all about. So, it’ll take a little time to pump out the new stuff, but when I do, I’ll have a lot for you. I’ll keep up the trend of giving you things, though. So here’s a little thing I done did.


Sorowa’s Cradle, Tom and the mysticism of Koeleth

In Koeleth, and in many of the other nations of Eirmoda, there is a lot of myth and legend surrounding the land and people of various regions. As you read through my story, you’ll see this. Certain peoples have connections to the land in different ways. Since Tom is the central character for much of the story, and since he is from Sorowa’s Cradle, you’ll see quite a bit of that particular region’s mysteries. For example, River Runners are a unique and peculiar breed of horse, bred primarily in Sorowa’s Cradle and the Rainy Dales. It is said, and often proven true, that only those who have descended from the River Men, who were the first Koelings to inhabit the Cradle and the Dales, and who were the first to breed River Runners, can truly tame any given River Runner. For example, when Tom acquires his horse, Squall, from a breeder in Ramsthrone, the breeder warns him that Squall is difficult to handle, but Tom easily soothes the creature and rides him with no issues. The River Men are also the closest thing Koeleth has to seafarers, since they inhabit river and lake covered lands, and therefore they have a strong affinity for water and are almost always comfortable on boats, swimming or navigating marshes and swamps. For a less prevalent example of the connection between people and the land, in the Ghostlands, a large forested region of Koeleth that is constantly covered in thick fog, the people have a naturally higher resistance to magic, especially mental magic, due to the high presence of ethereal beings and an abundance of magic in the air. The people of Frostreach are resistant to cold temperatures and they have excellent survival instincts. I could keep going, but I think I’ve made my point.