Sigh, Another Chapter-less Update…

As the title implies, I don’t have a chapter for you yet. I decided I wanted to get started on my rewrites right away. I am excited to say that the new chapters are looking great. With some more editing and polishing, I think we’ll all be very pleased with the results. I also wanted to announce that I will be taking on a second story very soon. A friend of mine asked me to put a story of hers on paper, so that’s what’s going to happen. She has the story pretty well planned out, I’m just the vessel for sharing it. She has the ideas, I have the means of executing them. I’m looking forward to it, myself. As always, though, I won’t leave you with nothing. It’s not much, but here is my gift to you all.

Slogans of Guilds in Koeleth

Valiant Blades: “Honor in life. Valor in the face of death.”

Inquisitors: “May the greatest of fiends flee before us.”

Compassia’s Hand: “Let mercy and kindness guide our hands, even in the midst of darkness.”

Adventurer’s Guild: “Blaze trails and carve out new roads. Never walk down the well-trodden path.”

Death-dealers: “Silent as an owl in the night, and twice as deadly.”

Temple of Hedonism: “Pleasure and pain, all wrapped up in the same package. Come and enjoy.”

Celestial Slayers: “Let the strength of our hands be surpassed only by the strength of our will.”

Revelers of Joye: “May you be blessed with joy and happiness all of your days.”

Mission of Hope: “A bright light in the darkness.”

Wasserdrachen: “Be merciful when possible. Be a nightmare when necessary.”

Blades of the New Age: “Never back down. Let our enemies fear our approach.”