Pantheon #14

Apparently, apologizing is a bad marketing strategy. Sorry about that. I guess all the marketing classes I took were for naught. So I’m not sorry this is late, I guess…or something. Anyways, I plan on releasing chapter 10 next week on Wednesday. If I work diligently and maintain a decent pace, I bet I’ll even be able to be only slightly late by a day. Yay for being lost in the vacuous void that is adulthood!

Showcase #14


Empathae is the incarnation of the Progenitor’s resonance with the human soul. One of the first guardians to be created, Empathae is also one of the few who is near universally beloved. Aside from a few exceptions, most guardians appreciate her ability to relate to them. Whether she’s acting as a mediator or a shoulder to cry on, Empathae has a knack for solving problems and resolving personal issues. She is the glue that keeps the Koleth pantheon together and the negotiator that keeps the gods from tearing each other to shreds. Often described as the spirit of humanity, she embodies all the best qualities of humanity and suffers from all the worst.


Domain: Empathy, Understanding, Sympathy

Associated Pantheon: Koeleth Sentimentals

Religious Order: Temple of the Resonant Spirit

Native Magical Element: Light

Symbolic Weapon: Heater

Symbolic Gem: Opal

Symbolic Bird: Mockingbird

Insignia: Open Heart


Body Type: Straight, Small Frame

Eyes: Rainbow

Hair Style: Loose Ponytail, Long

Hair Color: Brunette

Skin Tone: White, Freckled

Attire: Button-Up Shirt with Rolled Up Sleeves, Denim Jeans with Rolled Up Legs

Weapon: Heater

Markings: None

Notable Features: Appears to be A Teenager


Titles: Lady of Many Hearts, Allheart, Spirit of Society

Siblings: None

Significant Subordinates: None

Relationships: Well, before the catastrophe, she got on great with Magikron in Gracil.

Antithesis: Apathos and/or Desiren

Notable Events:

Envoy of Chaos: The Envoy is a powerful weapon, and the rules surrounding it were created for a reason. One of its bearers was a follower of Empathae, and she managed to destroy a city, ravage a countryside, and upset the balance of power, all the while trying to fix the problems she was causing.

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