Yes, that is correct. Matthew Matherne, my WordPress persona, turns two today. Baby Matt is all growed up. So proud, so proud (wipes fake tear from eye). Anywhozit, I’m back with another Pantheon profile. Sorry about the lateness, but you know how it be around this time of the year.

Showcase #9


Compassia is the incarnation of the Progenitor’s mercy and kindness. Even when his faith in humanity waned, the Progenitor still felt love for his creation and, in the wake of his departure, left behind one who would continue to love them. Compassia is a healing touch and warm fire. She is the mother of the orphan and the friend of the widow. It not selfish ambition nor foolhardy abandon that brings mortals into her service, but a selfless heart and a desire to help.


Domain: Compassion, Fraternal Love, Generosity

Associated Pantheon: Koeleth Sentimentals

Religious Order: Compassia’s Hand

Native Magical Element: Fire

Symbolic Weapon: Shepherd’s Staff

Symbolic Gem: Jasper

Symbolic Bird: Snow Goose

Insignia: Heart Held in Hand


Body Shape: Hourglass, Medium Frame

Eyes: Brown

Hair Style: Wavy, Long

Hair Color: Sunset Orange

Skin Tone: White, Peach

Attire: Simple Dress

Weapon: Clerical Staff

Markings: None

Notable Features: None


Titles: Lady of Blessing, Poor Man’s Treasure, Orphan’s Mother

Siblings: None

Significant Subordinates: Mercio, Fargiv

Relationships: Well, there was this one fellow one time…but that’s in the past. She must give all her heart to the cause of helping the world.

Antithesis: Desiren

Notable Events:

Olive Branch: After the Fall of Orgalav, Trialias had quite the struggle ahead of them. The need to rebuild was urgent, especially with the looming threat of attack from the Nagybi. Under the Orgalav system, Nagybi leaders flourished and the actions of their fellow Trialians fed their fury. Compassia went to the Five Aspects, Ariluo’s Pantheon, and proposed that they aid each other in the mutual restorations of their countries. Along with human efforts, they forged a lasting bond between the two nations, a united front against the Nagyb.

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