A Serious Look At The Guardians

The few times I take in depth looks at the guardians, they tend to be comical and lighthearted. There’s a certain strange humor in thinking that a collective of supremely powerful beings is nothing more than a gathering of ridiculous goofballs. However, the guardians are actually grim, dark figures. Even the most jovial of guardians, Joye herself, has a tragic nature, if you bother to delve into it. I won’t go into all these stories now, though. Instead, I wish to highlight guardians who wield a greater amount of power.

The Greatest of Guardians

Nobodys, The Forgotten God – Nobodys (Nobody) is aptly named. He was once tremendously powerful, unrivaled in his influence and might. He ruled over the pantheons of countless nations. However, for reasons not yet revealed, he gave up his position and was forgotten, earning him a new name and a new face, and exiling him to the place where everything started: Trialias. He still contains much of the might and power he had before, but he keeps it under wraps for reason of his own. He is the most powerful guardian currently in existence.

Prophessia, The Keeper of Time – Nobodys is the most powerful guardian currently in existence, except, of course, for Prophessia. She is the only greater guardian that can freely roam Eirmoda without adverse affects to herself or the world around her. Prophessia (Prophesy) is the only oracular deity in existence. Her knowledge even surpasses that of Noew Leng (Knowledge) himself; not even he can perceive the future. This is not to imply that fate is set in stone, however. Prophessia sees all possible futures, the repercussions of all choices and all decisions, and the end of all things. She sees the choices that people will make; she does not guide them or influence them typically, but she happens to know which decision someone will inevitably make. Unless someone intervenes; specifically, if she intervenes. Intervening in history, however, is not without cost. Oftentimes the cost is too great for her to pay. So, to mitigate the cost, once every few decades, she finds a dying person and offers to restore their health and extend their life in exchange for the use of their body. That person becomes her oracle, often living a life of seclusion. When the oracle is called upon to deliver a prophecy, Prophessia possesses their body and uses her power to reveal what she sees. Upon occasion, she sends her oracle out into the world to influence a change. A small one, of course, like changing someone’s mind about drinking that last pint of ale or convincing someone to pursue one love interest over another. But Prophessia’s concerns are with guiding fate to its best possible end, so these small actions unleash greater ripples throughout history. Sometimes she does things which don’t seem right or may lead to further suffering, like asking a wandering warrior to go out of his way to save a damned thief from an otherwise inevitable death. All these actions are for the best possible outcome, which leads many to wonder about the dark things which she sees. She is the most tragic of guardians.

Atoriti, The King of the Guardians – The part of the Progenitor that commanded authority was personified in the guardian Atoriti. He is the sole deity of the now dead Orgalav Empire. During the Orgalav occupation of Koeleth and the Nagyb, he reigned over all the guardians of Trialias save for the Six Great Aspects of Ariluo, but when his rule was deemed to be cruel and unforgiving, an Ekaolem-based rebellion, led by his most loyal servant, Disciplina, rose up, overthrowing Atoriti, just as the returning Koelings overthrew the empire. In the aftermath, Disciplina permanently joined the ranks of the Ekoalem guardians. Atoriti, though furious, agreed to leave Trialias to its own devices. He still wields a great deal of power, due to his role as the embodiment of true authority, but he now affects the world in other ways.

Leviathan, The Ocean Lord – Leviathan is the most powerful earthbound guardian, having command over all the seas, rivaling the might of the greater guardians. Though he resides almost exclusively in the Leviathan Ocean, he reigns over the guardians of every other body of water on Eirmoda. Even the revered River Dragon bowed to Leviathan. Leviathan rarely intervenes in the affairs of mortals and he holds a certain degree of contempt for ascendant guardians and the greater guardians, whom he blames for the absence of the Progenitor. He and Sorowa once got into heated conflicts over the actions of the River Dragon, who served under both. However, those conflicts were made moot by the River Dragon’s sacrifice.

Malestromim, The Looming Storm – Malestromim (Maelstrom) is the guardian of storms, the only tragedy of the Nagyb pantheon that also brings life. For being the only life-giver of the Nagyb he is revered and worshipped by the countless scores of poor, weak and oppressed. Malestromim is the only tragedy that does not favor the rich over the poor in some way, and he bears no special love or hatred for humanity, which already makes him more compassionate than his fellow tragedies. Having command over weather makes him formidable. He rarely interacts with his fellow guardians, as he finds very little reason to do so. When he has cause to unleash his power though, one would be wise to flee; he commands the forces of nature and wields them as easily as a warrior wields a blade.

Creat and Annihilat, The Twins of Destiny – Creat (Creation) is the mother of civilizations, the aspect of the Progenitor that allowed him to bring all things into existence, and Annihilat is her twin brother that contains the power to undo all things. Though they rule over the relatively small and inconsequential nation of Ikkeld, they collectively wield the power to alter reality itself. As with Prophessia, however, to use their powers in their rawest form would incur a cost far too great. Thus they have hidden themselves away where few will find them: Ikkeld.