Another Quick Update: Stuff and Things and Stuff

Alright, first off, Ender of Worlds is in the final stages of editing, and you can expect to see it on Thursday. Secondly, I haven’t made much progress on chapter 7/8 of the River’s Tale. Sorry. Third and final announcement for this post, I am working on another project, a very short one. The story behind it is that my friends and I were playing a game of Raise Your Goblets!–it’s a cool game, you should check it out–and we used the character cards to spice up the gameplay. Well, long story short, Sorin and another friend convinced me to write a fanfic for a couple of the characters. I have never written a fanfic before, and the challenge set before me is to do so “properly.” Which means leaving in all the errors, typos, and poor writing. I can’t self edit. Which is going to be a pain, because I edit as I write anyways. So look forward to a bad fanfic.

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