Realms of Eirmoda

It goes without saying that the primary setting of the Chronicles of Koeleth is the nation of Koeleth. However, the world of Eirmoda is much more vast than just the limited boundaries of the titular medieval nation. Thus, I would like to take a brief look at some of the various realms of Eirmoda. It’s a bit lengthy for a brief look.

Great Realms of Eirmoda

Trialias, The Cradle of Beginnings

Trialias houses the three mighty nations of the United Tribes of the Nagyb, the Empire of Ariluo, and the Kingdom of Koeleth. It has a far grander claim to fame, however, as it is known to be the birthplace of humanity. The Progenitor placed the first humans in the Valley of Beginnings, along the River of Life, a vast river that once brought life to all the lands of Trialias, even the now barren wastes of the Nagyb Desert. The Valley of Beginnings now lies in the western march of Barren Reach, in Koeleth, where the River of Life now lies dry, bringing only death. Though the trinity of great nations is famous, other nations reside in Trialias. To the north of Koeleth is Anderdestria, a confederacy of small Destrian nations left behind after the fall of Orgalav. To the east are the Ravages of Orgalav, as desolate as the name suggests, and the Free Lands of the Pirates hide behind the southern stretch of the the Thorn Crown Mountains. Just south of Orgalav is Vtrl, a strange nation distanced from the rest of Trialias. Immediately south of Koeleth is Tyrol, a small democracy that prioritizes freedom over all. Sharing borders with Tyrol, Koeleth, the United Tribes, the Wild Nagyb and Basalgan is Itrelia, a barbarous land that constantly finds itself at odds with the United Tribes, as do all other nations bordering the United Tribes. South of Itrelia is Basalgan, a nation that has more in common with the Nagyb than Koeleth, with corrupt politicians and extreme poverty. Beyond the western and southern borders of the United Tribes of the Nagyb is the Wild Nagyb, a land that not even the Orgalav Empire could conquer. Nomadic tribes roam those lands. Further west, at the outer reaches of Trialias are the lands of the Sharignob and Zogelo tribes, large considering the scarcity of resources. One would think being surrounded by enemies would deter Nagybi hostilities. It does not. To the east of the Arilese Empire are the Free Kingdoms of Ariluo, a small collective of nations and one of the few enemies the Empire has, born of an ancient schism between the sons of Aril’s first emperor. To the north of Ariluo lie Kornom and Tainom, two nations doing their best not to kill each other or be swallowed the Empire.

Garanda-Nasha, The Harsh Lands

Garanda-Nasha lies to the east of Trialias, once a place reserved only for exiles from Trialias, but now an industrial, cruel machine. Garanda-Nasha is smaller than Trialias but not by much. At it’s western edge is Danagir, a nation that shares a border with Orgalav formed by the Thorn Crown Mountains, or the Dragon’s Teeth Mountains, as they are called in Garanda-Nasha. Due to several disagreements and a serious of militant encounters, Danagir has more dealings with Koeleth and Anderdestria than Anverlund. The Empire of Anverlund is a vast and powerful nation that prioritizes knowledge and magic above all else. It has a booming slave trade. Anverlund, to the east of Danagir, is the core of Garanda-Nasha, and its economy gives the rest of the Nathan nations life. To the south of Anverlund is Gardonhel, a puppet state controlled by a small group of powerful nobles and merchants from Anverlund. To the north is Kriznaf, a small nation that constantly fights for its freedom from Anverlund’s ever-growing influence. Lining the eastern and southern borders of Garanda-Nasha are the Perimeter Lands, a collection of ever-changing nations that provide a convenient buffer for Anverlund from foreign invaders. To the south of Danger is Sobron, an ally of Danagir and a powerful republic, despite its relatively small size. The kingdom Jusinan lies to the east of Sobron and always seems to be in a state of revolt.

Agnalon, The Mystic Forest

Agnalon is one massive forest shrouded in mystery. It lies far to the south of Koeleth Though a great deal smaller than many other regions, it so distinct in its nature that no other realm can claim it for its own. Within the forest are three known kingdoms: Verdansin, Jadevas, and Berkowl. They are exceptionally wary of outsiders and little is known about the Agnalonians. It is rumored that the ancient land of the elves, Elvairnian, also calls Agnalon home.

Nimonwe, The Grand Savannah

Nimonwe is a vast savannah far to the southwest of the Nagyb that produces magical plants and animals. Alchemists the world over seek out ingredients from Nimonwe. Twenty tribes vie for control of these magical resources, but the largest and best established one is Gondolo. It controls a large swathe of land that provides a lush bounty of magical herbs.


To the north of Koeleth lies the modestly sized realm of Rygost, which countless small nations and city states call home. Emerging from the sea of minor states, Ikkeld and Gracil stand tall as major nations. Ikkeld is a theocracy that worships a powerful god king. A small subset of the religion of Ikkeld adheres to a prophecy predicting the destruction of Ikkeld. Gracil is a small oligarchy the commands a wholly unique system of magic involving the spirits of the deceased.