Not A New Chapter, Sorry

Hello, all. Yes, I know. I promised you a new chapter a while ago now. I’ll be honest, I let June get away from me. I feel like it vanished in the blink of an eye, and I missed it. So, sorry. In lieu of that new chapter, I am going to give you this as a little present.

The Deadliest Non-Magical Swords In Koeleth

The Founder’s Blade – Though magic was involved in the forging of this longsword, the blade is not, itself, magical. Heated in magical fires, quenched in magical waters, forged from the finest of Koeleth’s ores, forged using a unique fusion of the Damygli steel and Arilese black steel methods, all guided by a man with an exemplary knowledge of blacksmithing and swords. The only way it could be improved is if he knew the secrets of making god steel and implemented that as well. Argus’ line idolizes this blade for good reason: it has one of the keenest edges of any weapon in Koeleth’s history, rivaling even some of those enchanted to be sharp, paired with a matchless durability and a curious lightness. It has even earned numerous names: The Dragon’s Claw, The Keen-Eyed Sword, The Highsteel Blade, etc.

Godfang – A creation of one of the finest godsteel smiths in history. As with most godsteel smiths, his name is only known by a select few. The making of godsteel is a closely guarded secret. The knightly sword was wielded by a famed mountain warrior, one not of Koeling descent but of the native mountain folk, and he often paired it with an equally well made war axe. Despite its rudimentary appearance – other than the black luster of godsteel, its aesthetic was very simple – the Godfang is just as lethal as any magic weapon. It has a couple blue streaks and swirls, indicating that some “impurity” existed within the blade, though those impurities don’t seem to affect the blade’s integrity at all. The Godfang is heavy, durable and deadly, as all godsteel weapons are, but this one also claims the ability to break magical spells. Godsteel is often used by slayers to fight mages, but only for its durability, as some magic can ravage lesser weapons. However, the Godfang itself breaks magic, and not just its wielder. Many mages have analyzed it, but no magic is present in the blade. In fact, it seems that the blade is so crafted as deflect magic. No godsteel smith has been able to replicate this affect.

Earthstar – Cut from a large chunk of diamond by a stone smith from a long forgotten Urdvayne community, the Earthstar is a heavy, sharp and durable hand-and-a-half. Though it is a beautiful treasure, it was never meant to be treated with delicacy and restraint. It is a war ready blade, and it has tasted blood in many a battle.

Golden Justice – With its swirls of golden color, one might think the Golden Justice would be a decorative, ceremonial longsword, but one would be wrong. The Golden Justice was crafted from the finest of Koeling metals, with just enough golden hued metal to give it its distinct look. With an ornate golden handle and beautiful etchings along the blade, many villains scoff at its use in battle. This ultimately proves foolish, as it inevitable cuts them all down. Sharp, deadly and well-forged, it represents all that the Old Guard of the Ram’s Rest stood for. It is not an accident that Ramsrest became a profitable region, given its fertile lands and generous bounties, and it is no surprise that its lords very quickly learned how to protect those assets. Specifically made for commanders in Ramsrest’s early, golden blades were once a symbol of honor and strength. Those days have long since passed, and only a couple golden blades still remain, highly treasured by those who own them. Sir Cyril Blindcut, a former knight of Ramsthrone, brings his sword, the Golden Justice, to the battlefield, wandering Koeleth as a vigilante, fighting against those he deems greedy and oppressive.