Countering Magic in the World of Eirmoda

Magic is common enough in Eirmoda to be seen as something worth using. Naturally when something is worth using, there are ways to make it useful no longer. This is a brief look at some of those ways.

The Elements of Magic

There are several kinds of magic that are generally sorted out into elements. Elements then belong to certain larger groups. Mental magic and physical enhancement magic typically can fit with any magic and the base element is typically associated with the god providing the blessing, if any.


Fire, Water, Wind, Earth, Growth/Decay, Light/Dark, Heat/Cold, Lightning


Arcane (neutral element), Force, Energy


Omni (all natural elements combined), Void (nullification magic), Chaos (everything not already categorized)


The obvious first method is the one you see in so many worlds: anti-magic. Now there are a variety of magics that can be considered anti-magic, however, the purest form of anti-magic is “void” magic. An exceptionally rare form of magic, void magic simply deconstructs magic. It simply makes it as if the magic never happened in the first place.

Decay Magic

Decay magic is the only natural element of magic to feature regular use of anti-magic styles. A prominent feature of many forms of decay element anti-magic is the ability to destroy bonds and break things down. In some cases, this means dissolving the bonds that hold spells and magic together. When not breaking down the bonds, decay element anti-magic will dampen, weaken or “rot” the magic. The current paragon of Despar, Kilroy Fargone, uses the first variety, creating an area of decay magic that prevents magical bonds from forming.

Force Magic

Force magic revolves around manipulating the environment around you. Similar to wind magic, it can affect the environment by pushing or pulling things. Sometimes it takes the form of telekinetic control. As far as anti-magic goes, however, it negates magic by reversing or halting the flow of the energy. All elements have rival elements that they are especially effective against. Force magic, given its ability to distort energy, is very effective against energy magic, but is also universally useful.


Omni-magic has an unintentional form of magic negation. By virtue of it containing a little bit of all the elements, any given form of omni can naturally negate, nullify or counter any form of natural element. When confronted with other forms of anti-magic, omni-magic often times can overcome the anti-magic, but is still severely weakened.

Spectrum Magic

Light and dark, heat and cold, growth and decay all exist on spectrums, with each side representing the opposite of the other. Thus, they frequently negate each other. A beam of light that meets with a ray of dark magic, for example, will destroy each other. Or a restoration spell will halt the progress of a rot spell, but not make any progress itself.

Chaos Magic

Simply by virtue of it containing every form of magic that does not belong to a recognized category, chaos magic has a wide variety of magic countering abilities.


Sealers, though exceptionally rare, are similar to abominations, in that they are born with their powers. However, whereas abominations are born out of an excess of magic, sealers are created by a lack of magic. All life has some degree of magic connected to the soul. Soul magic doesn’t typically have any use in normal quantities. Sealers, however, have a deficiency in soul magic. This allows them (or forces them) to affect magic in negative ways. Some can bond with magic artifacts that aren’t theirs by taking some of the weapons soul magic (which will be explained in the future). Some can negate magic entirely. Some absorb magic. Most can still use magic objects as anyone else would, with a few exceptions. Bodily enhancement magic is typically out of the question. Magical markings, such as tattoos and brands, won’t work right.

Mage Hunters

Mage hunters and slayers train in ancient arts that give them the ability to dampen the effects of magic. Many go through rigorous physical training that builds a physical resistance to magic. Nearly all of them go through intense mental training to build up a subconscious resistance to mental manipulation, making it nearly impossible for them to be mind controlled. The Koeling method of magic resistance is to train the senses to detect magic and to train your reactions to respond accordingly. The Arilese method is to reach a mental state where one treats magic as if it is not there. Though it sounds insane, it has proven to be quite effective. The Nagybi method is unrefined and primal, simply boiling down to toughing it out.