Yet Another Update! I Know, So Shocking, You Never Saw This Coming…

Alright, first off, I’d like to say this: I’m glad you guys like my writing and I really appreciate the support of those of you who have followed my personal blog, but I have to let you know that doing that is purposeless. It is highly improbable that I will ever use that blog for writing. It serves me and my colleagues much better if you follow Verbal Realms. And it serves you better too! Not only do you get my stuff, you also get Jack and Sorin and, who knows, maybe someone else in the future. Now, this is not me being ungrateful. I really am grateful, but I just want you to know that it’s not going to help you right now. Well, now that that’s out of the way. Chapters should be coming forth more quickly in the future. The biggest reason why the last few chapters took so long to get out (other than laziness on my part) was that they were such a drudge to reread and edit. 4, 5, and 6 were rather dry chapters, and at my skill level I just couldn’t get around that. 7 and beyond really start to pick up speed and become more interesting. So look forward to that. Now, as usual, I am going to give you a bit of a thing. This is just a look at some of the extra chapters concerning Tom’s past and factors that aren’t in the main story I plan on posting. There are, of course, extra chapters that do not concern Tom, but Aaron is Sorin’s spirit animal, so I’ve handed the reigns over to him for Aaron’s extras. Also, I have plans to finish the Lion and Dragon and the Sorowa’s Cradle legendary blades story. And I will be revisiting the guardians! Huzzah! And other extra chapters and whatnot. If you’re wondering what I’m doing with the Warden of the West and the Mage Knight, or any other legends for that matter, I have not forgotten them, but I have put them down until I am confident I can multitask in my writing. Anyways, that sneak peek I was talking about. I’ll try to do this chronologically, but avoiding spoilers may cause these not to be released in order.

A Blacksmith’s Son (series featuring multiple chapters)

“Remember, son,” William warmly explained, “a weapon is a powerful tool. It can be used to take a life — or save one.”

Time Period: Tom’s youth, from childhood to his departure.

Topic: An exploration of Tom’s past and key events that influenced him to become an adventurer. These are often hinted at in the main story but never fully fleshed out.

Facing Fear: Where Valor is not Enough (short series)

“You didn’t have the right!” Tom growled. “They were just as human as you or I!”

Time Period: Various.

Topic: A chronicle of Tom’s adversarial history with the Inquisitors.

The Demon in the Mist

For a moment, there was silence. Just for a moment. And then Tom snapped.

Time Period: During Tom’s days with the Adventurers’ Guild.

Topic: The tragic tale of how Tom received the title “Demon in the Mist.”

Ender of Worlds: the Saving of a Man (short series)

Tom sat beside his old friend and struggled to say the words.

“Marcus, how do you save someone who doesn’t want to be saved?”

Time Period: During Tom’s days with the Adventurers’ Guild.

Topic: The harrowing tale of Tom’s mentor and friend, Marcus Fatebound, and his mission to save the world, and Tom’s mission to save Marcus from himself.

Tooth and Nail (short series)

“You owe me for this, jackass,” Theo said as he cleared the room.

“Really? I’d say we’re even, considering how I saved your butt earlier.”

Time Period: During Tom’s days with the Adventurers’ Guild.

Topic: The heartwarming story of Tom and Theo’s friendship.

Tainted: Left Hand of the Righteous, Right Hand of the Wicked (2-Parter)

“You’ll not conquer me,” Tom said, resisting the dark urges flowing through him.

The blade seemed to cackle in response, further exerting its unholy will.

Time Period: During the days of the Wasserdrachen.

Topic: A chronicle of the time Tom was ensnared by the blade Wicked Desire.

An Eye for an Eye

“Alright, Guild Master, just try to stop me!”

Time Period: Between the Clash of Dragons and Wolf and Blade.

Topic: An event that would change Tom, Aaron, Catalina and Kristin’s lives forever, and help pave the way for Argus.


The old man visited the grave one final time. He knew he was not long for this world himself, but at least he had the chance to live a full life. That was more than he could say for the man buried beneath his feat. Even after all he had lost, the old man still had enough tears in his body to shed one for a fallen friend.

Time Period: After Wolf and Blade.

Topic: The true end of the Chronicles of Koeleth. The old man concludes his tale, but not everyone makes it out okay.