Part 2 of the Previous Update

I felt bad for not having a thing ready, so here is a preview of one of my legends.

The Death of a Guardian

“I am a god to these mortals! They fear my power! They revere my might! They pay homage to me!” the mighty dragon bellowed in anger. “You cannot defeat me!”

“You may be a god, but I am a man with god-sized blade!” the warrior cried back as he swung his sword, ripping the dragon’s wing to shreds.

The dragon screamed in pain, wildly lashing about with his claws and tail, only to have his other leathery pinion rent from his shoulder. A blood-soaked exchange followed, ending, ultimately, with the colossal guardian’s agonizing defeat

“I didn’t know guardians could bleed,” the swordsman scoffed, as he wiped clean his blade.

“The Progenitor…may be my father, but the…the earth is my mother. I bleed her blood,” the dragon gasped. “You…you know not what you have done…”

The god-slayer simply raised his sword and delivered one final, fatal blow.

“I have guaranteed a future for my people, daemon.”

Now, at this point, you may think this is the end of a story about a heroic man taking on a bloodthirsty false god, but that is not the case. The dragon is Flusswächter, the River Dragon, an ally to the Men of the River and the protector of the River’s mighty shores. The man is Ragnar the Scorched, the infamous barbarian chieftain and an enemy to all but his own clan of savages. This is the beginning of a story about the death of a guardian and the birth of the people who would take up his mantle. This is the story of Eloy the Cradle-born, the first Chosen of the River Dragon and the forefather of the lords of Sorowa’s Cradle.