I Am A Benevolent and Generous God

The pretentious title aside, I actually do have some stuff I felt like sharing. There are a number of key artifacts in The Descendant, and I’d like to discuss them. Now, I know you guys probably think I’m too obsessed with magical items, and I am, but worry not. The stories I write do not generally focus too strongly on them. I just find them convenient vessels to talk about my world without spoiling too much of my story. Anyways, let’s get going here.

Notable Artifacts in the Descendant

The Founder’s Blade – This is the blade forged by the father of Argus’ (the eponymous Descendant) noble line. It is the symbol of the founder’s eldest son’s family (and therefore the main branch of the family) and the birthright of the eldest child, presented to them upon the passing of the current lord or lady. Though it is not magical itself, it is uniquely made, with the founder using fire and water magic throughout the smithing process. The blade appears to be made from Arilese black steel and Damigli steel, but the founder never revealed how he accomplished blending these two different materials together. Argus steals the blade from his father before fleeing from his home.

The Mind’s Eye – Another heirloom of the family, the Mind’s Eye is a false eye that the founder actually used in his life. The founder lost his real eye in battle, so he ordered a stone eye constructed from three scry stones: onyx pupil, lapis lazuli iris, milky quartz white. Along with the eye came three gemstones, each the other side of one of the components of the eye (scrying, as it exists in this instance, is essentially a telepathic bond, and works best when two objects are linked). Though scry stones are not uncommon in their culture of origin, the unique combination of three scry stones in one artifact is rare, and therefore expensive to create. Argus receives the Mind’s Eye from his grandfather, who loved him dearly and knew that, being the youngest, he was unlikely to receive any family treasures. His grandfather also recognized that Argus, above anyone else in his family, respected his family’s origins and would, in time, learn the significance of the eye. Argus discovered its telepathic abilities after using it to replace his own eye after a harrowing battle.

The Ruby Eye – An heirloom of the lowest ranking branch of Argus’ family, the Ruby Eye is a simple gold ring whose ruby serves as the other half of the milky quartz of the Mind’s Eye. It belonged to the adopted daughter of the founder and has become the symbol of her line. Unlike many noble lines, the eldest daughter, and not the eldest son, is head of the family. Historically, this branch family has served the other branches of the family, a fact they deeply resent. The current matriarch, Adelaide, discovers its telepathic link when Argus accidentally contacts her through the Mind’s Eye.

The Lover’s Bond – An heirloom of a branch of Argus’ family, the Lover’s Bond is a simple silver ring whose blue sapphire serves as the other half of the lapis lazuli of the Mind’s Eye. It belonged to the founder’s wife and has become the symbol of their daughter’s line. While blacksmithing once defined the main line, an affinity for magic and an uncommon amount of magically altered members define this highly esteemed branch family. The animosity between this line and the adoptive branch family is notably more intense than the other lines. Though the heads of the family have been able to sense the magic of the ring for generations, the true nature of the ring is only revealed when Argus accidentally alerts the current lord of his presence through the Mind’s Eye.

The Warrior’s Bond – An heirloom of a branch of Argus’ family, the Warrior’s Bond is a simple silver earring whose obsidian stone serves as the other half of the onyx of the Mind’s Eye. It belonged to a female friend of the founder and a fellow warrior. They used it to communicate on dangerous missions. After a mission in which the warrior died, the founder reclaimed the ring and gave it to his two sons. It became the symbol of his younger son’s line. A combat prowess only surpassed by the adoptive branch family defines this branch. The current lord doesn’t learn of the magic of the ring until Argus comes to him seeking aid.

The Archive Key – Another artifact from the founder, this simple stone key is said to unlock the Archive, a vault filled with legendary weapons. It is believed that the Archive contains enough power to overthrow the king. The key, however, was not passed down to the founder’s families. Instead, it is reported to be in the hands of a certain sect of Arilese monks. Argus acquires the Archive Key from a mysterious stranger shortly before the end of his journey.

The Teacup of Doom – Though not special in any particular way, the Teacup of Doom is the beloved teacup of Argus’ butler and best friend, Daniel. He boasts of being lethal with a teacup, and the Teacup of Doom has borne witness to this on a number of occasions. His exceptional prowess in such unconventional combat made it unnecessary to hire someone from the branch family to guard Argus.

The Envoy – The blessed weapon of the Wanderer. The current Wanderer encounters Argus on his journey and tests him.

The Sojourner’s Rest – A simple handkerchief belonging to Elise, one of Adelaide’s maids. It was one of the few possessions she was allowed to keep as a half-elvish slave. Adelaide’s mother bought her from human traffickers after seeing her and taking pity on her. Though she never knew her mother, she highly valued her handkerchief. Little did she know, it had minor healing capabilities. Elise discovers this when she treats Daniel’s wounds after a fierce battle.