The Return of Character Profiles

I think, alongside my blacksmith stuffs and the occasional legend and extra chapter, I’m going to try to get back into producing character profiles. I am, however, probably going to use a renovated format. However, for the time being, I’m going to probably stick with the existing format. Also, either today or tomorrow (although given that it is now 1 AM, give or take, in my time zone, “tomorrow” would actually be later today), I’ll probably post another legendary weapon story. Anyways, here’s a non-canonical character inspired by a friend who didn’t make the story. Now, this is subject to change if my friend doesn’t like it.

Candice Frostrock (Alleged)

Known Aliases: The Winter Wolff, The Diamond Dust Owl, The Alabaster Panther, Winged Cerberus, The Stormbringer, The Woman of A Thousand Faces

Age: 26 (alleged)

Birthdate: Springset (May) 11, 7059

Birthplace: Unknown, Frostreach, Koeleth

Current Residence: Unknown

Parents: Father Unknown, Iris Frostrock

Siblings: Robert Frostrock (Brother)

Significant Others: None

Pets: Skye (Dire Wolf)

Hair: Shoulder Length, Brown

Eyes: Light Blue

Height: 5’6″

Weight: 135 lbs

Tattoos: Unknown

Notable Features: None

Preferred Clothing: White Undershirt, Long-Sleeved White Shirt, Thick Off-White Leather Vest, Sky Blue Winter Fur Coat with Hood, Sky Blue Winter Fur Pants, Fur-Lined Winter Boots

Armor: None

Occupation: Hunter, Outlaw

Associations: Unknown

Koeleth Standard Warrior Rank: C

Weapon of Choice: Hunting Bow

Blessed Weapon: Unknown

Favorite Animal: Wolf

Other Notes: Has little patience for annoying people, has few real friends and allies but values those bonds highly