A Thing That I Done Did

Okay, this isn’t an important update or anything. It’s not a story update or an apology or anything like that. I just felt like posting this. It’s not official story stuff, but it’s a confrontation I can see happening. I am working on my story at this exact moment, though.

A Confrontation of Royal Proportions

Tom locked eyes with the young noble and grimaced.

“How dare-” the proud elite began, but was immediately cut off.

“How dare I what? How dare I refuse to acknowledge your status? How dare I refuse to call you by your title? How dare I refuse to bow my head? Listen, your highness,” Tom spat. “If you ever so much as go near them without my permission again, I will personally ensure you live to regret it. You may be the prince, Logan, but you’re not my king yet. Your father has other children, and I’m sure he wouldn’t mind setting them on the throne instead.”

“You will pay for this insolence, you common slug! I will-”

“Shut up, child!” King Florian interrupted. “I can’t deny that I am perturbed by this man’s…bravado, but I do not doubt his words. This man and those whom he leads are skilled, powerful, and a force to be reckoned with. You may have that weapon, Logan, but he has a powerful weapon of his own and he knows how to use it better.”

Logan went to talk, but held his tongue, the frustration of self restraint plastered all over his face.

“Now,” the king continued. “If you are done insulting my house, Mr. Riversedge, I would request that you leave. I would rather not have to resort to any unnecessary violence.”

“Yes, my king,” Tom bowed.

He abruptly turned on his heel and marched towards the castle’s entrance. Logan grabbed a spear from a nearby guard and prepared to lob it at the mercenary, but a sudden sensation stopped him in his tracks. A cold, sharp blade was pressed to his throat. Logan dropped the spear.

“That’s enough, Aaron. I think he’s got the point.”

“Are you sure? We’d never have to worry about him again,” Aaron reasoned.

“I don’t think he’ll be troubling us after this experience.”

“Suit yourself.”

Aaron withdrew the blade and disappeared into the shadows.

“You should have listened to your father, Logan,” Tom coolly said. “Never do that again.”

“Get out. Now,” the king demanded.

“With pleasure.”