Musings of a Sort

So, I wanted to share with you a little bit of what goes into making Koeleth, from a technical standpoint. I have created many magical worlds, and I love my fantasy stories.  Koeleth is fundamentally different from most of them in regards to the fact that magic is harshly limited. I’ve shown you all many characters with magic and arcane power, but that’s only a small slice of the people of Eirmoda, the world that Koeleth belongs to; the majority of the denizens of Eirmoda have no magic to speak of, which makes it interesting when it comes to confronting magical problems. As you are aware, there are only two ways to obtain magic in Koeleth: obtain the blessings of a guardian, or be born a freak of nature. As such, when a problem arises involving magic, I have limited options for fixing it. Solving the problem without breaking my own rules or muddying the water too much is both challenging and intriguing. The obvious solutions are to either simply remove the problem (what fun is that) or to create a new character who has the magic to deal with it (which creates its own problems). I can’t just simply have a character learn a spell that will fix it. Magic is far too restrictive in this world for that. The core nature of a person’s power is largely out of their control, be it a blessing from a god or a curse of nature. So it forces me to work with real world solutions or to develop the world further to accommodate the solution without it being too convenient. This doesn’t always lead to a complete solution, but it makes the fantastical nature of magic in general much more human and “realistic,” if you will. In Tesgrand or Zandalaria, two other worlds I’ve created, I can just whip out a spell from nowhere and say, “Bam! Problem fixed,” but that’s not the case with Koeleth, and I love it.