Update from the Great Beyond

Hello, faithful readers, if I have any of those left. I wanted to let you know that I am not dead yet. A couple weeks ago my grandmother passed away, and, needless to say, that has occupied most of my attention as of late. I will be back in business soon, and you all have much to look forward to when I am. I’m going to tell you what you’ll have to look forward to, too! I’m going to start on a new short series of chapters revolving around one of Koeleth’s legends. In the first chapter, I will introduce the legend, and then throughout the rest of the series I will be telling the true story. I will also be posting a drawing of some of the weapons you’ll see later on in the main story. Full disclosure, I am neither a blacksmith nor an artist, so the drawings are not great. I’ll also have at least one extra chapter and a profile or two to share. So, look forward to that.